Daily Trivia 10/15/2011

South Africa
1993 South Africa Nobel Peace Prize

15th October, 1993 : Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk win the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to end apartheid in South Africa

Source:  http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/october15th.html

Now, I know I will never do anything spectacular enough to win the Nobel Peace Prize, but just being a mom with four kids and nine grandmiracles that would die for each other means I taught them something right….right?  I mean to have PEACE with all four kids and for all the cousins to get along so well….that had to come from somewhere!!!!! 

Excuse me for patting myself on the back as I know this doesn’t compare to these two men’s accomplishments, but in our world or at least in my world, I am as proud of my kids and their kids and the job my hubby and I have done with them as these men are of their accomplishments!!!!

Be proud of what you have accomplished and if there are flaws in your history, it might be you and then again, it might not be…Analyze it, if it is your fault forgive yourself and move on, if it is not your fault, forgive the one(s) at fault and move on…Bottom line is forgive and  move on, as life is soooo short….Celebrate it, don’t regret it!

Have a wonderful weekend!







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