Do You Know Better Than To Make Plans?

You would think, at my age, I would know better….Ever since my husband and I met 35 years ago, every time we made a plan, something or someone got in the way.  After a while, we just learned to live with it and even learned to have Plan A and Plan B most of the time.  Well, today, I learned that can happen in reverse, as well…if we have no plan, something awesome can happen!

We had no plans for today, other than a quick trip to the grocery store.  While there the Autumn Bug got me and I grabbed a bag of apples to make an apple pie this afternoon.  When we got home to put them away, I realized we were missing the apples and my husband said, ‘no, they are not missing, I put them back and hoped you wouldn’t notice till we got home….How about we go to the apple orchard after these get put away.’  Great idea, so off we went…bought the perfect apples and then some fresh squash and some pumpkins for the grandmiracles, some safe carving tools and came home.  Hubby peeled and cored while I made the pie crust, and right now, my house smells so good, and we each just had to taste test, so now we have had dessert before dinner and are enjoying a cup of coffee.

I know it seems simple, but I just had to share how even when there is a plan to have no plan it can change.  I just love my life, cause as organized as I am and as good as we are about Plan A and Plan B sometime Plan Unknown takes charge, thank goodness…This was an awesome day and I hope yours was as well. 

What was your plan for today?  How did that go for you?






4 thoughts on “Do You Know Better Than To Make Plans?

  1. Beautiful Louise! My day was that way too. We ended up at a nearby national Park with a waterfall—oh so pretty! Now, SEC football!

  2. That’s great! I love this story…it’s the small things i life that makes the world go ’round….
    I had no plans today because I worked outside of my home most of the day. I thought I would continue to work on my ” Think Pink” top, but I’m just too sleepy. So, plan B ( I guess), put me and computer on sleep. 🙂

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