What Will You Dress As For Halloween?

Oh, My!!!! We are one week away!!!!  Where does the time go?  The older I get the faster it seems to fly!

I am finishing costumes and costume alterations for family, friends and neighbors.  I need to figure a way to let these people know they need to plan ahead…..

They call, knock, send emails and want these extravagant, one-of-a-kind, fun, costumes that are so much fun to make but they don’t tell or ask about it until two weeks before Halloween and since I love a challenge I mostly always say I can manage to get it done in time and I do, but they don’t realize I don’t have a studio stocked like a local or on line fabric store, so sometime it means going shopping, locally, or online.  If I shop locally it is fingers crossed because all I have here is a tiny little JoAnns or a Hobby Lobby.  Now, my best bet to find whatever I need or a good substitute is Hobby Lobby but even then, the possibility of having to order online always exists.  If that happens it will be a week before I see the order and can begin the creation.  This year, we all got lucky and every last minute request was possible so I am just in the midst of finishing up and needing to do one or two more fittings and they can take them home. 

Source: Unknown..Granddaughter's request by pic only 🙂

Fortunately, none of these last minute requests have done what usually happens…..calls, emails, knocks on the door with this request…..’I know you said it would be done for Halloween, but any chance I can get it a week sooner, I was just invited to a Halloween party over the weekend….’  HELLO!!!!  🙂   I try to make those requests happen, but talk about stress.  By the time Halloween comes I don’t need a wig to dress up, my hair is already standing on end!!!! LOL!!!!  

Somehow, I have been super lucky in always managing to fulfill last minute requests, as well as the ‘can I get it sooner?’ requests.  I dread the day I may have to say ‘I can’t’ and because of this I just wish they would plan their costume for next year right now, and order it now!!!!  Well, a woman can dream, right? LOL!!!!

In spite of the rushing and trying to get the perfect trim and/or accessories, fabric, bling, blood, or goop, it is fun and I so enjoy, especially, the toddler costumes…They are the BEST!!!!!  Just love seeing the little ones all dressed up.

Another Granddaughter's request

This year, I will be dressed like the mom, grandmother, friend and neighbor seamstress….with my glasses and scissors and needle and thread in hand…Why?  Well, because I haven’t had time to think of or make anything for myself.  Have you ever heard of the cobbler whose children had holes in their shoes? LOL!!!!!

I hope whether you are going out with your little ones, or to a party for yourselves, or staying home and enjoying the doorknockers that you all have a happy and safe Halloween.  Be careful driving!!!!!!  This is one night where everything children have learned about crossing safely is hard for them to remember as that house across the street with all the things on the lawn and lights everywhere is very inviting and they just can’t wait to run over there…..

What are you dressing as for Halloween this year?  Or are you?

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!!


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