The Countdown Begins!!!!

Good morning!!!

As I sit here with my calendar, notepad and pen, I am making a list of Christmas gifts done, still to finish and those I need to buy.  Many of my gifts, this year, are hand-made…such as, cell phone, i-Pod, digital camera cases which can also be used for a few make up items, as well as a sewing kit that fits nicely in your purse.  Spa wraps for all the kids, moms and dads!!!  Everyone loves them, they are quick and will all be personalized….a couple of twin size quilts, a couple of fleece jackets, some little dresses, little boy corduroy pants, tween throws for their beds, Americana home decor for one daughter, home decor personalized throw pillows for some beds.  In addition, satin pillow cases (personalized, of course) for the granddaughters and flannel ones for the boys.  It amazes me how happy children get when they have their own pillow case….there are a few friends who are having babies, so flannel burp cloths and wipes, baby bibprons, crib quilts, and more.  Some sewing friends are getting sewing machine covers, some other friends are getting aprons and coffee cozies.  One grandson is getting ‘dress up’ clothes, (fireman jacket, chef hat and apron, scrubs, cowboy outfit, and batman cape and mask). There will not be much to purchase and when I do go shopping it will be with a list and I am self-disciplined enough to get just what is on my list.  This will be the most economic and just as happy Christmas ever. More love is going into picking just the right thing to make for each person and the creation of each piece, than for any gift I could pick off a shelf, for sure.

So, that list is just about complete and many of the gifts are already made. 

My problem with the calendar is Halloween.  Only four days away and I had no idea what to give the critters and creatures that come ringing the bell, until yesterday.  I hate giving candy because it just isn’t fun any more, with it all having to be inspected, and then rationed by the parents, etc. Fruit will be thrown away, as it is suspect. So, finally, I decided to make little cases with handles that hold 6 crayons and a little notepad for taking in the car and scribbling and doodling while they ride, and for the bigger kids same version but a little bigger to hold two highlighters and a pen and pencil with a notebook, and no handles, for the tweens and older, cell phone cases.  Not sure how it will go over, but am giving it a try….From past experience we have approx 30 kids of all sizes that show up here, so I will make 15 of each and if there are left overs, the grandkids can take them to school and share with their friends.  On my shopping list today…highlighters, pens, pencils, crayons and two different size notebooks.

Next on the calendar will be Thanksgiving, which will happen here, with kids and grandkids.  It will be buffet style since the empty nest made us realize we could downsize….although the family keeps getting bigger. 🙂  Buffet seems to work best anyway as we are a more casual type family and a sit down was always interrupted somehow…..we will enjoy lots of food, fun, the parade and football.  It starts here with breakfast buffet, goes to  veggie and cracker and cheese trays, chips and dips, etc. and then dinner followed by dessert and everyone will leave with their ‘care package’ of their favorite left overs.  It will be a wonderful day to count our blessings with our blessings.

THEN, the decorating and wrapping and music and happiness of Christmas! THIS is my favorite of all holidays.  Baking, sewing, and visiting and entertaining!!!  Oh, what a happy time of year!

Finally, will come the New Year’s Eve sleepover at namma and pop pop’s house.  Grandmiracles come here, they get to dress their own personal size pizza with their favorite toppings and have soda or juice or milk and then for a dessert their favorite ice cream with their favorite toppings and then the older ones usually can stay up to watch the ball dropwhile playing games and the others go fast asleep.  This is a night out for the parents and a supervised break from all the rules for the kids and a real treat for us (the grandparents). 

The next day, the countdown begins again!!!! 

Are you all organized and ready for the next couple months of celebration and gift giving?  The more organized you are the less chaos you have to deal with and the happier you will be!!!!!

Happy Halloween to you all….Be safe, have fun and watch out for children in the streets in dark costumes!!!!


2 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins!!!!

  1. How wonderful! Oh, I wish I could do that! I make jewelry for the ladies on my list of course, but I think after several years they are probably getting sick of jewelry from me. Every birthday and Christmas lately has been handmade jewelry.

    We spend such an inordinate amount of money on the holidays that I’m already stressing over Christmas. Stress takes all the fun out of the holidays.

    You have such wonderful ideas and a loving, giving nature. Happy Holidays to you!


    • Thanks, Val. It is so much fun to make home made gifts and how can any of them be sic of getting something you created just for them. I thought the same thing last year, when I made flannel lounge pants for everyone and fleece throws among a few other things, but every time they open a hand made gift, they light up and I know them all well enough to know if they are just being polite, (LOL!!) but they truly do like it…don’t stop giving such personalized gifts…..they might just be disappointed!!!! 🙂 Happy holidays to you as well!!!

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