How Much Snow Did You Get For Halloween??????

So, it is October 30, 2011 and I went to bed last night with snow falling!!! Woke up this morning, with 14” + of heavy, wet snow, which if it had been dry would have probably been three feet or more!!! What is this??? I know I live in New England, but REALLY????????

The trick or treaters will be going out with snow suits and boots under their costumes…THAT is just wrong!!!

First, I don’t like the snow, except to look at, now that I am old!!!! Secondly, my husband is in bed with a back injury from Thursday and cannot go out there to do what he usually does…so I just got in from cleaning off the truck, and some shoveling.  Waiting, now, for the plow to show up to clean the drive and parking areas……The weeds are not even dead yet!!! The leaves are still on the trees!!!!  I think the snow fairies’ GPS got shorted out and needs to be rebooted!!!

Power, cable, internet and phone went out around 2 a.m., and we are very lucky to have it all back as neighboring towns are still without and in the state there are over 300,000 without so it will be days before everyone is back to normal!!!!

Since there is nothing we can do about weather, we take it and make the best of it, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it!!!! All of us, (me and neighbors), all doing the same thing this morning, and laughing as we wished each other a ‘Happy Halloween!’  LOL!!!!

What else can you do, right?  It is supposed to be warm (in the high 40s during the day and low 30s at night) all week so it will all melt away, but no one was ready for this!!!

Wherever you are, I hope you are warm, dry, safe and enjoying your day!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!!!



2 thoughts on “How Much Snow Did You Get For Halloween??????

  1. OMG, no snow here! We usually don’t see snow until the first or second week in February~ Occasionally, we’ll get some snow in December…but, October??
    Glad you all didn’t have to do without power for long. (Hugs)

    • LOL~~~ Wouldn’t mind not getting any till Christmas Eve and then let it start melting in the morning and no more!!!! 🙂 I used to love it but as I get older, not so much. I will admit, though, if I can stay inside and just look out there before the daily living dirties it up, it is beautiful!!!!! Especially beautiful to look at the horizon where all our mountains peak,,,just gorgeous, but to walk, ride or drive in…no thank you.

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