I’m Making A List and Checking It Twice…..Are You Ready for Christmas?

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Oh, it is that time of year, again!!!!!

I actually have had my list made since the beginning of the year….I add to it throughout the year as people make comments of wishes, etc. 
Some of my shopping is done and ready to wrap and all of the fabrics, notions, etc. that I need to complete the hand-made ones is here so it is time to get the hand-made ones sewn up while I am not shopping.  Have to stay on top of this because we all know how time just escapes us, especially at this time of year!   I found out the hard way several years ago that waiting till the last minute makes Christmas not so much fun, so I vowed to never let that happen again.
I have every gift and what it needs in a bin of its own, so I won’t be wasting time searching for notions to go with this ‘job’ while in the process.  All fabrics have been pre-shrunk and pressed, so I am ready!!!!! 
Today is the day to get it going seriously!!!! I have started on a couple things already, in between other things so those will be the first to be finished, finally. Then go from one bin to the next to the next…I will have Christmas music playing and it will be like Santa’s workshop in my studio.  Wishing I had one of Karen’s melting tarts, maybe in Evergreen to make my studio smell like Christmas, but since I don’t, today….I will use my homemade bread scent…that is a warm, inviting scent for the holidays, too!!
So, without further delay….I am off to sew all day, except for a lunch date with my hubby….
Go make those lists now, and then don’t just let them sit there….start checking things off!!!! 🙂
First make a list of who you wish to give to, then next to their name what you wish to give and then on a separate list make three columns…1st column is title of gift, 2nd column is where to buy it if it is store bought and 3rd column is to list what to buy that you don’t already have at home to complete this handmade gift if it is going to be handmade.
After shopping for all components of each handmade gift, make a bin or box or envelope for each gift and put all components of that gift in there and then get going!!!!!
If you live in an area where you could be snowed in for a day or two, you will be sooooo proud of yourself for this little bit of organization, knowing you have something to keep busy with while snowed in and it will be productive!!!!! 
Have fun, everyone, and thanks for coming by.  I will post pics of some handmade gifts as we approach the holiday!!!!
P.S.  I have just opened my studio, here…..I have so much more to add to it, but I will add a little every day till all are listed.  If you have a minute, please check out the beginning stage of it and if you see something that might work for a Christmas gift, leave me a comment or email me @   SlaveToMyNeedles@comcast.net.  I look forward to hearing from you and thank you, in advance, for your consideration!!!!  If you are thinking of something you don’t see in my studio, remember, I have just started listing some of many, many items, so send me a note and ask if it is something I can help you with….:)

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