Another one checked off……

Okay, so today was a few errands, lots of phone and email interruptions and a bit of sewing done….The scrubs outfit is done, but still have to make the surgical cap.  Probably tonight or in the morning and then tomorrow is just a whole lot of housecleaning as I prepare for dinner guests tomorrow evening, grandmiracles sleeping over, and then more dinner guests on Saturday evening after a day of errands and groceries. 


The way I see it, I will be lucky if I get to sew before Sunday or Monday, but that’s life and the house really needs some of my lovin’ so gotta do what I gotta do. 

Really would rather sew all day, every day and leave the rest to someone else!!!  Well, I can dream can’t I?

Hoping you all had a wonderful day and have a wonderful day tomorrow, especially if some of you get a three-day weekend due to tomorrow’s holiday.  Don’t forget to take a moment and be grateful to our Veterans…..

Here is the scrubs outfit….hard to see the V-neck with all the print, but he will look like a doctor in the woods!!!! LOL!!!!!!

Be back soon!!!

Thanks for looking and go check Karen’s Needlework and also the tab for the Hand-Made Connection and join us…..


2 thoughts on “Another one checked off……

  1. I sure hope your GS is loving on you big time. 🙂
    The scrub suit is so cute. If you don’t get another thing made before Monday, he should get enough playing time out of the two outfits.
    And, I’m with you about the dream’n…I could sew all day and just let it all go, but unfortunately I’m not the only one that lives here in the house. So, I’ve been getting in some cleaning here and there, too.
    I say, KEEP DREAMING….Have a great weekend with your guest and enjoy the holiday.

    • Thank you. These outfits are Christmas gifts he asked for as he said (3 y.o.), ‘I am tired of playing with Paige’s (his sister) tutus and high heels. LOL!!!! Had to do something about that, ASAP!!!! Off to clean today….
      Have a good weekend.

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