Are You Feeling the Fall Chill?

Oh my!!!!  It is chilly and windy when you wake up in the mornings, here in New England!  Warms up through the day, but even the amount of day, is getting less and less with falling back an hour, etc. 

It is time to face facts!!!!!! Winter is just around the corner.  Two more weeks till Thanksgiving, and only six more weeks till Christmas. Yikes!!!!

Well, some of us throw a few logs on the fire to get the morning chill out or to cozy things up at or after dinner and we will be throwing more and more and more logs on as the days go by and it gets colder and colder. 

Everyone loves a fire in the fireplace or the wood stove….It smells good, and just feels homey.  Well, like everything else, for every good thing there is a not so good thing….In this case, someone has to bring the wood in to be used and that stuff can get heavy and mess up your clothes if you lean it against you….I have the perfect solution and what a wonderful gift this would make, especially if you personalize it!!!!!

A log carrier… can stack a lot of logs in this is made of strong home dec fabric that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.  I have several made up fom different patterns and ready to ship…..If you would like personalization, that can be done as well.

If you want a different fabric than the ones I have made we can certainly choose the perfect one for you, but it will not ship as soon……

 Well, hope you are all staying warm and cozy!!!! Be safe, have those chimneys inspected, and/or cleaned!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!

I can always be contacted at

Thanks for visiting and feel free to check out my Studio page (on the sidebar) for Christmas gifts or upcoming celebrations that you will be wanting to bring a gift to, or just for some home dec for yourself, dresses for you little ones or blankets, quilts, oh, too much to list here. 

Thanks again!



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