Do You Have Friends With Fireplaces or Wood Stoves?

If you do, they have to do a lot of work to enjoy them.  Beside cutting and splitting that wood (or working to make the money to buy that cut and split wood), they have to stack it and finally just one more step before they can enjoy the ambiance and warmth it provides…they have to carry it in from where it is stacked….that can be back breaking and all those trips carrying wood inside and keeping your clothes clean is not an easy task…..

However, I have something that will definitely keep their clothes clean and provide less trips…I showed you one the other day and now there are three more for your review…..Take a look and consider making them one of your gifts to someone who could really use it…or maybe you could use one.  I can personalize them if you like…my treat!!!! 🙂

Log Carriers…..they make a hard job easier and cleaner and they don’t have to be ugly!!!!! 

Thanks for looking.








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