Is It Rude or Is It Business????

I pose this question because I have never been what I consider a salesperson, for sure.  I have always worked in the medical field and sewing was a hobby. 

As I have posted earlier, due to a physical issue I found it difficult to be on my feet for a whole shift at a time, even a part-time shift wasn’t working, so finally decided to try my hand at working at home.  That went pretty well, but my biggest problem I am always told by friends, family and my clients is that I don’t sell myself…(Well, that didn’t sound like they meant it to, but I knew what they meant).  I have never been the type of person that is full of self esteem, so when something I made came out well and I got compliments, I appreciated it, but it is even difficult for me to accept compliments.  Are you like that, too?  Isn’t it hard to ‘sell’ yourself, your talents, your skills, your hand-made items?  I have always had such a hard time tooting my own horn….just isn’t me.  I see others doing it and wish I had half that skill, but it just doesn’t seem to be me…LOL!!!!!!

Well,  I have gotten better, though….since I have gotten into blogging, and working with my seven sisters on Blooming Sisters (at the top of my blog roll in sidebar), I have become more courageous in many areas.  All my sisters are so supportive of every little thing I do and say and we are all like that for one another, but I take it very personally and they have encouraged me to try new things on the computer, led me to some great ideas they have tried, tutorials, they just really are the sisters I never had and I owe my better self-esteem to them. 

That said, I am going to prove I am getting better at selling myself and promote my friends at the same time.  These friends have really boosted my morale, belief in myself, etc., etc. so I have to share this with all of you.

In the last 11 days, I was featured on two blogs and mentioned again in one of them and I love these women for this attention, but I love them even more as true sisters.  Blooming Sisters is my mentor for here and sometime when I have an idea to write about, now that I am hooked, I am torn about where to post it…here, or there….is it okay to post on both?  You see, I am still learning the etiquette of blogging, so there are many things I have no idea about, but I am having sooooooo much fun learning!!! 

Okay, here are my two sisters’ blogs where I was featured and I am so proud that they did this for me and to call them my sisters…..

First, Karen’s blog post on November 10;

and if that wasn’t enough of a huge pat on the back, only seven days later on November 17, Charlie’s blog post;

AND then, the very next day, Charlie’s post about her little Caleb’s 1st birthday party and I am mentioned again;

So, you see how easy they have made it for me to sell myself?

Am I being rude by all this bragging or is it business?  If it is rude, please excuse the newbie blogger, but if it is business, please spread the word!

Thanks for reading and I look very forward to your opinions!!! Oh, and you cannot hurt my feelings, I welcome constructive criticism, but don’t bully me, I am old (in my 60s is all I am sayin’)!! 

Have a great weekend, everyone and be brave, put yourself out there for people to get to know you.  It is very scary, but if I can do it, there is no doubt you can too!!!! Yikes!!!






14 thoughts on “Is It Rude or Is It Business????

  1. Good morning, Louise, Don’t worry about tooting your horn because your work backs you up! I think that we sometimes do not value what we do because it comes easy to us. But we need to realize that what we do has value and not everyone can do it. So toot away! I am proud of you for stepping out and doing what you love!
    Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving full of blessings

    • Thank you, Kathleen. I appreciate your kind words. I think you are right, it is hard to think of some of the things as a ‘big deal’ because it didn’t seem like a big deal to create it but for those who cannot I guess it seems like a big deal. It is exactly how I feel when I look at hand made jewelry…it is always a big deal, but I wouldn’t know where to start!!! Thanks for your encouragement.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well.

  2. Hi Louise,

    I know exactly what you mean! I can mention my shop and hand out a card but I’m full of self doubt all the time! Even when I make a sale I second guess myself and triple check the item for flaws before sending because I’m terrified a buyer won’t like something I’ve made. I never really like my own work much and I just bluster about it as if I do. 🙂 If not for my mom ‘selling me’ to everyone, I doubt I’d get local sales. It’s just a very hard thing to do.

    I just turned down yet another show yesterday (which makes 3 I’ve been invited to) because I’m petrified of direct selling. My biggest fear would probably be that everyone walks past my booth without showing the slightest interest….

    Valuing yourself is hard, but it’s easy to value others’ work. Isn’t that odd? I can see the value and beauty of your works and of other group members’ lovely items but mine are never good enough. 🙂

    Hang in there, lovely lady!


    • Oh, Valerie;
      Thank you for your kind words and validating my feelings. Glad it is not just me. Yayyyy!!!! It is such a difficult thing, but I, too, am considering preparing for some shows this Spring and next Fall…..going to give it a shot…Probably with a friend to start out so I will feel the security of her presence, but once that first one is under my belt, I think I will be fine, especially if it goes somewhat well. 🙂
      Baby steps at over 60 years old…hmmmm, better get moving!!!! LOL!!!
      Guess we are all, as artists, somewhat of a perfectionist and second guess our worth….Nice to know it isn’t just me.
      Thanks, again.


      • There’s an idea, lol! I could ask my mom to do a show with me! She’s been taking my beading classes and she’s getting sales too now. Hmm maybe we can stock up for the next arts festival this summer. 🙂 If we do, I’ll let you know! ((hugs))


      • Good, let me know if you do it and how you both make out. You know, it just seems to be what we women do….we go to the RestRoom together, we go to seminars, and classes and Tupperware parties, and showers together……It starts when we are in school….we just don’t want to be the only one doing whatever so we bring along or tag along with a friend…it feels safer….
        Good luck…anxious to know how it goes.

  3. Hi Louise! I can absolutely relate! I am such a bad salesperson myself! I know how you feel!
    But let me tell you: you are a wonderful and talented person and I am so glad people get to see what you do now! I just know they will agree with me!
    Keep going! You’re off to a very good start! 🙂 We are all here to cheer you on and boost you up!
    Yes, blogging and the internet is something that has to be learned, along with all those social media sites… it’s not easy for me either. I have days where I think I should go back to grade school, because I can’t understand English any more with all those new abbreviations. Sometimes I just want to say: Sorry, I don’t speak “computer!” But then I remember one of my favourite movies and the catchphrase in it: Never give up, never surrender!
    So I won’t and you won’t either! 😀
    Being proud of what you accomplished is neither rude, nor business… it’s just plain good for yourself! 🙂 and I am happy you posted this!
    Hugs and smooches!

    • Bridgett!
      Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement. It is always nice to know it isn’t just you that feels the way you feel sometime. Appreciate your support. Smooches right back at ya!


  4. Louise, Louise, Louise! No way is that being rude. I call that confidence in your work. You should think highly of your work. If you don’t believe in your work and your skills, who will? Confidence is actually, to me, a sells technique. I know there’s a question mark.
    Here’s a true story~ A young man approached me in a fabric store one morning ( he was selling music CD’s that he produced, self-promoting). Thing that disturbed me immediately is that he was selling his CD’s for $2-$3 each. I said to him, “You must not think very highly of your work….”. I told him that people are only going to value his work as much as he does. I asked him why should others have confidence in his work when he doesn’t. I told him he needed to charge like his CD was worth listening to. He was thankful for my advice.
    Same scenario~ you should value your work and talk about it. Majority of the time we are our own advertisement.
    You’re great Louise~ know it and show it!!! 🙂

    • Thank you, Alethia…….you are right and I know it,,,,,it is just so hard…but I will keep your advice and the true story in mind…that will help. Thanks for the comments, and kind words.


  5. Hi Louise, I’m glad to meet you! I enjoyed reading this blog and am going to go back and read more of your blogs.
    To answer you question: No, you are not being rude! In the world of business, it isn’t called bragging or being rude – it’s called promoting your work. And guess what? You are definately allowed to do that! Promoting one’s craft doesn’t mean you are telling the world you are the best that ever was (proud and boastful), it simply means you have a craft you enjoy and would like to offer it to others. I’m like you too, I’ve been kind of hesitant to toot my own horn, espcially since I see so much work out there along my lines that totally blows me out of the water! Everyone seems to have great things to say about what you do, so I hope you are gaining confidence.
    I am new to blogging and am having a lot of fun doing it! I am using my blog to promote myself and others as well. Please feel free to stop by my blog
    Blessings to you,
    Nancy (LoveAlways on Dipperly)

  6. It is definitely business Mom, not rude at all.
    If your kids are willing to give your work to their friends, promote your work thru their businesses and their contacts and hand out your cards to everyone they know it should show you that we believe in you and your ability.
    I highly doubt you would allow either of us girls at any point, about our scrapbooks or diaper cakes, to feel the way you are feeling about your stuff, so remember that and have a little faith in yourself. Geez – you are blogging and how many years ago was it that you were asking if a c.d. had two sides?? You’ve come a long way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    ❤ you and all the wonderful things you make for me, our family and my friends.

    • Thank you, Melissa!!!! I know, I know, but family loves and promotes unconditionally….so you need to hear it from people in the same business or people who don’t even know you sometime just to make sure!!!
      Thanks for all the kind words…..♥
      Oh, and thanks for the reminder about the CDs…..LOL!!!!! THAT was a long time ago!!!! 🙂


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