Why Do I Feel Like A Little Kid At Christmas, Today?

Good morning!

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I feel like a little kid at Christmas because I have had a wonderful last 24 hours!  Thanks to all of you for all your wonderful comments on yesterday’s post, which made me feel sooooo much better about promoting my work, first of all.  So, thank you, all for all your kind words and comments.

In addition, I had a wonderful shopping trip with a dear friend.  We went to Hobby Lobby and didn’t really spend too much money, but what we did is walk around with notepad and pen in hand and every time we got a great crafty idea, the pen got very busy jotting down notes to remind ourselves later of what we would like to do and how and what supplies we would need, etc.  It was exactly what I’d been hoping to be able to do since Hobby Lobby opened, locally, just a few months ago.   So, much fun!!! Note to self;  bring a bigger notepad next time!!! 🙂

Then, as if all this wasn’t enough for one day, same dear friend that I did some work for and didn’t charge labor (because she is family) surprised me with a wonderful gift for my sewing studio.  I have named her Betty and I don’t know why….just seemed appropriate! 🙂 I just love it!!!!!  Now, after the holidays when the clean up happens, I will be reorganizing my studio, but I plan to put her in front of the window and pop some kind of plant that has trailers or something….the window faces West and I am not one with a green thumb so all suggestions from you green thumb people would be most welcome! Oh, and I am in New England, verrrrry seasonal and an air conditioner sits in that window in the summer.

That is not all…..Many of you that I email often have been very patient with receiving two and sometime three emails just to get one whole email because of my very sensitive laptop and floating cursor that sends emails before I am ready to send…Thanks to all of you for your patience….you have all read over and over and over how I was going to ask Santa for a wireless mouse to prevent this aggravation.  Well, this morning, as I was searching for a user’s manual I opened a box where I thought it was and saw this big bag of computer wires, etc. from before we had laptops. Inside this bag was a wireless mouse!!!  I was so excited!!! I whipped it out of the bag, put batteries in it and said a small prayer….I am using it right now!!!!  Yayyyyyy!!!!!

So, now you know why I am feeling like a little kid!!!!!  All this in just 24 hours!!!!!  I am a happy lady this morning and since most chores are done and the rest can wait, I am off to sew, hopefully, all day!!!!!!

Hoping you all have a great day.  Thanks again, for following, your comments and kind words!!


4 thoughts on “Why Do I Feel Like A Little Kid At Christmas, Today?

  1. wow – you did have a Christmas! 🙂 Hobby Lobby is one of my very favorite stores, I’m so glad we have one. You can get anything there! And so happy for you and your wireless mouse 🙂 It didn’t bother me, but I know it was annoying for you, so YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Karen. Never realized how great HL was, although everyone on the team was raving, but really just thought it was another Michaels…Not at all…I am so happy it is here and hope it stays!!!!
      I am loving the mouse!!!! 🙂


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