Are You Ready?????


 There are only FIVE more days till Christmas!!!!!  I am ready!!!!  I consider myself ready when all I have left to do is shop for stocking stuffers and groceries.

I love waiting till the last few shopping days and going out in the evening when all the lights are brightly shining and with any luck there are just a few snow flurries falling.  Well, this year, there is only a sliver of hope for a white Christmas in New England, so guess I had better get out there and finish up.  I am happy though that we will not be facing any bad weather as we have to drive on Saturday morning, to our daughter’s home in Maine (about an hour and a half).  We will be there overnight and share in the joy of the little grandmiracles waking up to Christmas morning!!!  I love when they are all sleepy-eyed, and in their warm jammies, and they are trying to focus on the tree and surrounding packages, probably trying to figure if they are dreaming or is this real….:)

I hope you are all ready, have a safe, happy and healthy holiday weekend and enjoy all your blessings with your blessings.



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