I Am Back and I Have Been Featured!!!

Good morning!

I am so sorry to have been so absent since the New Year!  I am hoping you have all had a wonderful holiday season and are off to a great start for the New Year!

I promise to be back here, more regularly….My first week of the New Year was taken up by Blooming Sisters Blog, mostly reorganizing and scheduling posts, as well as getting house and sewing studio back to a better normal…..

Then, last week, all floors were carpeted, quite unexpectedly, but I am so happy about it….so it was like moving out and right back in all week.  🙂

On Wednesday, however, a lovely post was published on Blooming Sisters that I just have to share, so here it is and I will be back soon, I promise; (Thank you, Bridgett, who originally published it on her personal blog Rambling Designs ).



We have a new feature, here, on Blooming Sisters! Featured Artist will publish every Wednesday! 🙂 This will be the place and day where we introduce you to new and awesome artists! Come check back often! I promise you great and interesting people! A terrific way for you to meet great new people! Discover blogs to add to your reader and shops to check out! 🙂

Ok! Today I have a wonderful, sweet person “here with me” on Blooming Sisters!

Louise Laferriere

I met her while writing for the Blooming Sisters Blog! (you all have subscribed to it by now, right? Don’t make me threaten you!) She is awesome and my saving grace when it comes to editing my articles here! But she is so much more than just an editor! She is a wizard with the needle as well!

All right. I will let Louise take over from here!

I am so honored to be featured, here.

I am a near 63-y.o., wife, mother, gramma and namma.

My passion? Well, I have a few;

First and foremost is my family!!!

Then, sewing anything and everything for anyone!!! I love custom orders, and the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind items that people imagine being theirs. I love helping new moms pick the fabrics and design their baby’s nursery, or helping a bride choose the right design and fabric for her wedding party and/or her most important dress in her life…as well as her bridesmaid and flower girl gifts such as personalized totes, spa wraps or robes.  I also enjoy re-purposing wedding gowns into Christening outfits, Christmas tree skirts, quilts or anything the newly established family would like for heirlooms to pass down.

Client’s Wedding Dress
Re-Purposed Wedding Gown into Family Heirloom Tree Skirt
Re-Purposed Wedding Gown into Christening Outfit for 1st child

Next, would have to be medicine. I worked most of my life in Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care Units, loving the challenges, the pace, and the accomplishments…Yes, there were days that were not so happy, but from all the unhappy days, we learned a little more, hopefully preventing another unhappy day. Sewing as a hobby and part-time job at home was my outlet for the bad days…I could relax, and do some of my best thinking at the sewing machine….

Lastly, if I had to describe a perfect moment it would go like this;

I am sitting at my sewing machine in front of the huge picture window that looks onto the seashore, facing west (so the sun doesn’t get in my eyes till end of day). It is on the second floor of my log cabin. I am sewing, happily, and when I look up, I see my grandmiracles playing on the beach with their “Pop Pop” (my hubby of 32+ years).

Reality is, I sew at home in a relatively small studio, always struggling to keep it organized and somewhat neat, while “PopPop” works every day in retail management. We get to the beach approximately three or four times a year and only once or twice with grandmiracles. That said, I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. I am married to the best husband any woman could ask for. We still like each other after all these years.

I am one happy and very blessed woman.

I have, over the last year, spread my wings with the help of some very skilled and talented women who have taken me under their wings and shared their Internet knowledge and cheered me on as I ventured into social networking, online hand-made shopping sites, as well as site building. I am blessed with such a supportive group of sisters…..I am learning sooo much and have become addicted to blogging, to be honest…something I swore I would never do, and I always thought facebook and tweeting were for bored people who had nothing to do,,,,oh, my, have I learned a thing or two…I can now be found at all the following;

and I am working on:

and I am currently working as Project Manager for an upcoming hand-made online venue for artists and buyers to meet and work on selling and buying many exciting hand-made items as well as requesting and filling custom orders (one-of-a-kind). This will be very exciting. Components are being worked on as I type…so please, subscribe everywhere you find me, to be one of the first to know when Lotus Made launches!!!

Thanks, again, for having me here and for reading.

Hope to be seeing you all, everywhere!!! You may contact me with questions as well at SlaveToMyNeedles@comcast.net

Happy New Year, everyone!


There you have it! Didn’t I tell you she was a sweety? Go check out her links, you won’t regret it! I promise! 🙂

If you would like to be a featured artist on Blooming Sisters Blog, please do drop us a line and  write a little blurb like Louise did, put in a few pictures and send it to me! 🙂 I promise I will feature you. (We do reserve the right to censor what we feature. We do have a family friendly blog and WILL keep it that way! 😉 I hope you understand! )

Till next Wednesday!



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