Have You Met This Featured Artist?

Good Morning!

I have decided with my friend, Bridgett’s permission, to repost her featured artist posts, to help spread the word about these wonderful artists.  From time, to time, it may not be a re-post, it may just be an artist I have recently met or have known for a while who has agreed to let me feature them.  Either way, every Monday, I will be featuring an awesome artist. Also, there will be posts on our artists from IndieMosaic.com 

I have left Blooming Sisters, along with at least five of seven of my other sisters.  I have created Indie Mosaic, and Indie Mosaic’s blog, as well as Indie Mosaic’s forum.  Indie Mosaic is all about matching artists with buyers who desire one-of-a-kind, custom requested items.  Registering in the forum is FREE to everyone, and there are never any FEES taken on any sales…The whole point is just to provide a place for artists and buyers to meet and once they do anything else that transpires is through private messaging and Indie Mosaic had accomplished its goal.  We hope you will register and find the right category under library of artists to tell everyone a little about yourself and what you do so the buyers who post custom requests can find you and decide which artist will best suit their needs.

All that said, I will be featuring artists from the forum, as well on my blog and Indie Mosaic’s blog.

Here, for your enjoyment, is Bridgett’s post from last week.

Thank you, Bridgett and Mary!!!!


Hello Guys! I have one of my FB friends for you today! Funny lady, definitely worth a follow on FB. I have gotten some of the dryer balls she makes and THEY ARE AWESOME! So I thought I share the goodness!

Please come and meet Mary Egbert from Leaping Sheep!

Mary Egbert is a physical therapist by day, alpaca owner and fiber artist by night. Owner of Camaj Handspun Yarn and Leaping Sheep Wool Dryer Balls.


My fiber journey started back in 2008 when we went to the AOBA show in Salt Lake City, UT. My husband, who is a photographer, wanted to go to the show for a picture taking outing. Well, once we saw those adorable, fuzzy faces we were hooked. We started with 5 alpacas which quickly grew to a herd of 25. I soon had 25 bags of alpaca fiber in my basement and I knew processing the fiber was something I wanted to try.


I read and watched every video I could find about processing fiber and spinning yarn. I started washing the alpaca fiber and even made some You Tube videos to share with others. My first fiber tool purchases were a Patrick Green electric carder and a box style picker. Then I bought my first spinning wheel in 2009, a Louet S10, which sat in the corner of my living room for at least a year, because I had a weird fear of spinning, thinking I would not be able to do it.


One day, in June of 2010, I got brave and attempted to spin a single. Success! I was hooked! That year everyone in my family got a Christmas gift of yarn, scarves or hats. I then branched out to sheep wool, mohair, silk and sparkle which opened up a whole new world of textures. I was intrigued by the art yarns with all the amazing textures, colors, and spinning techniques, I knew that was the direction I wanted to go. I needed a different carder because I wanted to make more textured, artsy batts. The Louet drum carder became the next addition to my fiber tool family. It was a hand crank and I could churn out a batt in minutes. Then came the purchase of my second spinning wheel, the Ashford Country, which allowed me the freedom to make huge and bulky yarns.

OMG! This would look gorgeous just sitting on a table and being petted! :D

I spun so much yarn that first year that I decided I needed to share it with others who loved handspun yarn. I did six festivals and craft fairs and opened my Etsy shop. I absolutely love when someone looks at my yarn and tell me they have never seen anything like it and walk away with an armload of yarn to create something unique. I have had many people that bought my yarns proudly send me pictures of what they have created. I think that is my favorite thing, seeing what they do with my yarns.

Faux Cahsmere! Go ahead! Drool a little!

I love every process of making yarn…washing the fiber, dying and spinning yarn. I do some sort of fiber related thing every day. I am completely self taught and have never taken a class or gone to a workshop, though someday I will. My fiber stash and workshop are in my basement, I spin in my living room and dye in my kitchen. I absolutely love creating and never quite know how something is going to turn out until it is done…that is the fun of art!

So, where can you find all this yummyness? Here of course:

 – Camaj facebook

Leaping Sheep facebook

 – Leaping Sheep Etsy

 – Camaj Etsy

– Camaj blogspot

Need a few more of those luscious pictures? Why naturally! Here you go! :)














Have I promised you too much? I didn’t think so! She is really an artist with fibre! Go ahead and indulge yourself a little! Who can say no to such loveliness? I find her yarns are truly works of art and I would not blink an eye, having them sit as decoration in a pretty bowl on my shelf! 



If you know an artist you think should be featured here, or if you are an artist and want to be featured, simply send me an email @ SlaveToMyNeedles@comcast.net with a little blurb about you, what you do and a few pics you would like to share! I will be happy to feature you.  (Please remember that I have a family friendly blog and will only feature what I think is appropriate! Thank you so much for your understanding!)


2 thoughts on “Have You Met This Featured Artist?

  1. Wow! What a great article…but I’m biased cause it’s ME! Thank you so much for recognizing what I love to do and spreading the good word about Leaping Sheep dryer balls. I’m trying to make the world a little greener one ball at a time.
    Mary Egbert

    • Mary,
      It was definitely my pleasure. I think what you do and love to do is very fascinating!!!! I need to work on getting some of those dryer balls. Sounds wonderful. Thanks for letting me do this!!!

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