Can You Tell A Fake From A Real Designer Handbag?

CHANEL REAL BAG  Most of my information came from writers who research such things for Yahoo!

Wouldn’t it be frustrating to be told that your purse is a fake?

In Europe, it’s against the law to sell or purchase a fake purse.

Here is how to tell if a bag is a fake

    • Check that threads aren’t visible, that the lining is of good quality, not a tissue paper thin cheap fabric. Fake Prada purses have nameplates that are attached by two little prongs; they can be popped right off. Glue is sometime used in place of stitching and if stitched it could be crooked.
    • Check the color and size to make sure.  Fakes are usually off in size and the colors are not as bold and clear…they often are dull and/or blurred 
      Source: 123gif
    • If a Coach bag has a leather strip down the middle, the strip should say “Leatherwear.”
    • Louis Vuitton purse snaps are monogrammed.
    • Coach bags are made in China, not the United States, so if it says, “Made in USA,” it’s a fake.
    • Look for a card with a style number and name inside the purse.
    • Fakes can be of a certain style, color, or material that the real designer doesn’t have!
  • Only the actual designer’s website is a safe place to make sure you don’t get a fake. The following places pose a risk to finding and purchasing a genuine handbag; kiosks, flea markets, websites other than the actual designer’s, garment districts, and purse parties, countries or regions where mass production is big, like China and Mexico. 

 A lot of people, believe their fake bags are sold to these vendors from the actual designer. If this was the case these ‘fakes’ would only be slightly flawed, not crudely put together and made with cheap fake leathers.

If you pick up a real and a fake bag, the fake bag feels lighter, it seems faded, and even has a cheap fake scent to it. A real designer bag should smell of leather, it should have decent weight to it, the zippers should be stitched neatly, and the metal zipper should be sturdy. Side pockets should be durable, and not looking as if they were added on with some discolored cheap material.

To be sure you don’t get a fake;

Don’t ever buy an expensive bag off of Ebay. Only about 10% of the handbags on Ebay are real. The rest are overpriced fakes. Price is a major factor when buying a bag. If the price seems just too good to be true, well that is because it is.

First, know how to study a bag before buying it and even in actual stores. There have been cases of people returning fakes for real ones. Check for the fake leather scent. Smell the leather handles, the leather designer logo found inside of the bag.

Fake bags WILL have obvious flaws. Designer bags are made to the highest of standards. You see a wrinkle, walk away.

The best way to spot a fake is to check the stitching. If there is one stitch out of place, or a loose thread, it’s a fake.

All real bags will come with a certificate of authenticity. However, these can be copied.  The COA should not even be mentioned or given to you until after the sale. If a vendor is quick to mention it, and hand it to you to look at, you are  most likely being taken for a ride.

Here are a few signs you will see in about a month if you got a fake:

Source: Yahoo!

1. Your designer emblem fell off.

2. Your ‘leather’ is peeling.

3. Stitches are coming undone. 

4. The metal rings or emblems have another name hidden on the back of them. 

5. The zipper breaks.

6. Inside pockets come undone.

The most commonly replicated LV canvas is the “Monogram” canvas (light/dark brown pattern with the repeating “LV” logo). If it is a fake there will be cracking or discolored leather:  real leather grows deeper in color over time due to contact with the oils on our hands, but should arrive looking even and in LV’s case, the handles should come in a light beige.

Source: Yahoo

Unaligned/crooked/overlapping/stitching. Designers charge a premium for the extra work they put into perfecting their stitching; on a replica, sloppiness is often the result of churning out as-many-as-possible. 
A cut-off “LV” logo. the LV logo should never be cut off. 
A blurry or overly sharp contrast between light/dark brown monogram design 
A crookedly laid canvas (usually most obvious at the hem). LV takes extra care. Overly shiny leather. It’s probably plastic.                                                                                                                                       

The real bag will have

– solid straight bright yellow stitching (unless old, then its brightness may be dulled by dirt).
– indented embossed line along the yellow stitching.
– deep maroon seal between leathers, seen on handles and straps.
– matte but smooth leather look.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -packaged in a dark brown/black dust bag; dark brown box.                                                                                                                                                Louis Vuitton protects its brand by NEVER  going on sale.

LV does not have outlet stores. If you find a LV retailing for cheap, it’s most likely a fake. Unwanted or overstocked merchandise are “destroyed” by LV to protect their brand. (GASP!!) Every now and then, there will be one product that breaks this rule: a product that’s being discontinued. The discontinued product may go on “sale” at a slighter discount, but it happens far and few in between.                       
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Recognized Vendors

-Real brick-and-mortar Louis Vuitton vendors are the LV store itself or an LV “station” within a department store, Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc. Therefore, you would never see a handbag floating around on the floor in the “Handbag section” of a store, and every bag has an official LV representative babysitting it.

If there isn’t an Louis Vuitton store near you, you can go online and purchase through Eluxury is the one and only official online carrier for LV, so beware when shopping on any other sites. The official LV homepage does not offer online shopping and all purchases are directed to eluxury.

Most Ebay Louis Vuitton merchandises are fraudulent! Yet, people still offer high bids for these products because;

1. it’s a strategy to fool others into thinking someone else validated the product, or

2. the sellers misrepresent their products. Many replicas are produced in France or other parts of Europe in order to claim their products as being “Made in France”, but it’s just another method for them to mislead you. It has been recognized that over 90% of all LV products listed on Ebay are fake; the LV Company has sought a lawsuit against Ebay for them to cease this offering. The lawsuit is currently pending, but if successful, it will eliminate all replicas (not only limited to LV) from being listed on Ebay. However, if you become really skilled, once in a while you’ll spot a used LV going on Ebay for cheap, or at least cheaper. But, bid at your own risk!

After You Buy

Applicable for real authentic Louis owners is a guarantee that should any defects occur with your handle, clasp, leather, etc. you may bring it back for complimentary repair for the rest of the handbag’s life. They used to allow you to return any old defect bag for a brand new one, but obviously this policy was abused and unfortunately no longer in effect.

Now, you have information to shop carefully.  Be careful shopping…..we all work way too hard for our money to be ripped off by those who don’t!!!!



2 thoughts on “Can You Tell A Fake From A Real Designer Handbag?

  1. Very interesting, I didn’t know any of that!!! Of course, I usually can’t afford Designer Handbags, real or fake, so I’ve never really paid attention! But it’s good info to know, for sure!

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