Pet Peeves……What Is/Are Yours?


Pet peeves…..they are all those little things that drive you nuts all day long, every day and most of the time, if you are the bigger person, more intelligent and more mature person you know you shouldn’t say anything to the offender, so you sit back and hold on and try to ignore….but they eat away at you no matter how hard you try, every time it stings a little more.  The worse ones are the ones from people you care about….don’t want to hurt them or start something, but how can you ignore this….

Well, I wish I had an answer for you….maybe you have THE answer…if so, please feel free to comment and help all of us who are nagged and annoyed by these pet peeves daily. 


My pet peeve is the person who wants you to think they are THE ONE, and tries to ‘buy’ you….not with things but with words they think you want to hear…especially if you are working hard to support them accomplish a goal they claim to really want to reach, and then one day, you realize…..hmmmmmm, I have been working harder at this goal than he/she has…..but there are always ‘reasons’ they couldn’t be here to work as well.  They actually try to make you believe they are so much busier on a daily basis, have less support, are so stressed, and they talk to you like you have never had anything to do in your whole life….or at least nothing that compares to their life, people are begging them to work for them, people only want them to be wherever, and so on and so on….The biggest pet peeve about these people is they really believe these ‘stories’ they tell you… else could they get you to believe it?  My point…..NEVER work harder for someone else than you do for yourself!  That is a definite red flag that you are the worker and they are the talker…finally, this ‘story’ of theirs becomes too much work for them, and they disappear….and all you have done is feed their frenzy and wasted your precious time on a talker…Don’t bite the bait….THAT is really their only goal….they feel better if they have a following even if they have no idea where they are headed!!!  Worse, though, than having it done to me, is watching it happen to my friends, people who are genuine and caring….and having to watch them try to get through it and hope it doesn’t sour them….

What is your pet peeve???  Leave a comment here and a solution to it if you have one.

Have a wonderful day and remember no one can fulfill your dream for you.  YOU have to put in the work and when you show you are, they will come!!!!!!



4 thoughts on “Pet Peeves……What Is/Are Yours?

  1. Hah! My pet peeve is cleaning the kitchen, and returning to find it full of glasses that have come from the inner sanctum of one of the bedrooms (we won’t say whose, because it is obvious), all crusty inside from smoothie detritus such as blended strawberry pits and cloudy yogurt residue. I drove into the driveway one evening, to find one of our nice glasses sitting out on the curb. What is this? Oh, I was sitting out there, and I guess I forgot my glass, said the offender. I can’t yell at him, because he’s my stepson. Oh well, he’s getting married this summer, then his careless habits will be someone else’s prob!

    • Jen;
      Thank you for your comment. My sympathies, but be sure to buy yourself some confetti to sprinkle around when he moves out…It is easy to vac and at least it will be your own mess. HaHaHa!!!! His poor wife!!!!! 🙂

  2. Mine is certain ‘someones’ (again, shouldn’t mention WHO) that use my nice new, clean with newly crocheted trim hand sewn to the edge kitchen towels to clean up the blueberry juice they just spilled, or use the towels to clean the nasty stove after a long cooking session!!!! ARGH!!!

    My second one is people who take advantage of our good natures, and take and take and take until you’re empty and then they’re mad at YOU for having nothing left to give. My ex was like that, a taker, and I’ve met more along my life’s journey. Solution? Pay more attention to the red flags!

    • Thanks for the comment, Karen. Blueberries are the worse…..Just try to remember that if we save the best for some day, some day may never come….

      RED FLAGS are always there….sometime we choose to ignore them and pay dearly later….other times, they slap us hard right in the beginning….either way, each one makes us just a little smarter for next time! Blessed to have you as a ‘sister.’


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