It Is Never Enough!!!!

Now, my nest is empty and there are small, physical reasons that make it best for me to work at home. I have found my niche.  I feel free to be me, do what I have a passion for, do my best thinking and planning, and very relaxed in my sewing room!  Yes, I have one room dedicated to sewing, which contains sewing and embroidery machines, fabric stash, projects in the works, spools of many different colors of thread, scissors and other cutting tools, boxes of buttons, tons of patterns, and pins, ribbon, zippers and many other notions as well as a box of projects for my granddaughter to practice her sewing skills with.

It seems, though, the old cliché, ‘it is never enough!’ holds true with me as well.  One room is not enough!!! Although I love the sewing room, it is very limiting to be in that one room all day. My solution?  Well, I cut patterns on a dining room table, I do serging in my living room, discuss custom requests on the phone and/or laptop while I am cooking, sewing, relaxing with some TV, or chatting on line….so wherever the laptop and/or phone happens to be is where I am beginning the creating process with ideas, plans, visions, and lots of discussion.


Then, I am all over the house creating the custom request, which IS my passion!!!! All you have to do is imagine it; I will create it by planning every detail with you, then finding the perfect fabric for your custom request, then to the cutting (dining room) table, to the sewing room  and living room and then it gets shipped.


In addition, there are two storage closets packed with labeled totes of fabric sorted by seasons.  There is a storage bench in my living room filled with bookkeeping, office and shipping supplies. 

I am sure it would not matter how many more rooms were in my home, I would find something to do of my creative process in each of them, as well.

I guess with all this in mind, the best way for me to describe Where I Create is;

Home–where my heart is!



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