Does It Have To Be In Our Studio or Four Walls?


Where do we create?  Most of us, when we hear this question, start imagining beautiful studios, artists’ lofts, etc.. Physically, I suppose that is true because that is where all your supplies and machines and most of your tools are.  One place no one probably thinks of is where our most important tool is. This tool is not in our studios or any of the four walls where we physically create.  It is in our heads.  Our very first step in creating something that is one-of-a-kind is imagining it. 

 If we are planning a birthday party, a bridal or baby shower, or a wedding,  we need to imagine what we want for invitations, menus, decorations, and formal wear!

Source: Platinum DesignsSource: Platinum Designs
Platinum Designs
If we are planning to have friends over to lunch or dinner we need to decide on candles for ambiance and dinnerware.
When we go shopping, do we remember our resuable shopping bags? Oh, wait, do we have any? Hmmm!  While we are shopping for gifts, we shop for jewelry for someone special; we want unique; or we want a gift for someone we don’t really know, but want to recognize, acknowledge, appreciate, so we go for something everyone needs and uses. It should show we took the time and thought to make it a little extra special, so maybe a handmade soap, and maybe a beautifully hand made soap bag to hold the soap and keep it from slipping out of her hands and allow a little sloughing at the same time… 

Sources:, plainjane4,, ramblingdesigns

And the list goes on and on. Day after day and throughout all the thought processes to keep our lives and the lives of our loved ones in order, we have mental images of what we would like to have OR what we could create and while doing so how WE could make IT unique and before we know it the conversation in our head has CREATED something while we were not even at home or in our studio.

We have a powerful tool on top of our shoulders!!! 

So, where do you create? Is it always at home or in your studio or do you, too, have a little notebook with you at all times to make a quick reminder note of something that inspired a thought process or a sketch of something you just thought of when you saw something else…..?

Add a comment with what was your most fun inspiration and what you did about it in regards to creating something!!  Share a pic of it on our Flickr Group!!!!!

Have a creative day…..



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