What Do You Do, Just Because You Love It So Much?

Well, some people read, write, dance, sew, puzzle, do sports, and a number of other things.  For me, it is spending time on the beach.  Any beach. I just love sitting on a huge, flat rock, closing my eyes, and listening to the sounds of the waves and enjoying the smell of the salt air.

While enjoying the quiet, the sun and sand, I am able to relax, and do some of my best thinking there.

The science of the ocean, waves, tides, and moon, just simply amaze me and honestly, it should be a wonder of the world as it is in my world!

I love walking the beach, and picking up shells, driftwood, sponges, starfish…would love to pick up some sea glass, but here in New Hampshire, I haven’t seen any, yet.

There are so many different creatures that survive in the ocean and my favorites are lobster and clams.

Ahhh, a good old fashioned down east clam bake!!! Nothing like it, however, it is banned on the beaches now, but when I was younger it was one of my most favorite things to do.

We would start early in the morning and go clamming, get our quota and then go buy some corn on the cob and some lobsters.  We would gather up some seaweed and get ourselves a great big hole dug in the sand and start up a fire…put in the lobsters, clams, corn and a small pan of butter and when it was done, we had the tastiest dinner that the east coast can provide.

Well, now I have gone and done it…..Guess what I am craving?????

Hope I have at least tempted you to try this, if you’ve never done it, or got your taste buds begging for it if you already love it!!!!


P.S.  Don’t forget your bib…..


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