Could My Birthday Be Any Better? I Think Not!!!

Wow, I could have never guessed what a wonderful birthday I would have.  They have always been nice and loving and fun, but this one, just shocked me beyond words.

My husband and I have been married 32 years last August….We have four children who are all grown and out on their own and we have nine grandmiracles!!!!!  Blessed?  I would say so!!!

We never had a honeymoon and never really thought much about it because life happened and we had our priorities in the right order, so we worked, ate, slept, and did all we could for and with our kids and it has been a wonderful 32 years…..Would do it all over again, so who needs a honeymoon….right?

My husband decided that there was something we needed to do before we couldn’t so for my birthday he booked flights for a 10-day stay in Maui!!! Yup you heard me…MAUI!!!!!  To make it just a little better, we are going from Dec 26 through Jan 4!!!! Happy New Year!!!! How do you say that in Hawaiian?? Hmmm, am going to have to study up!!!! Yes, I am like a little kid in a candy shop!!!!

We have a whale watch cruise reserved,

a cruise on a glass-bottomed boat reserved,








a luau with front row seats reserved







and a cocktail and firework cruise for New Years Eve reserved!!!! Rest of our days will be kicking back on the beach during some days, dinner at a different restaurant every night as I want to explore, and of course some shopping!!!! 🙂

So, from sunrise, to sunset

we’ll be busy, but in a good way!!!!!! Going to enjoy the climate and no shoveling or snow storms!!!!!  🙂

At my age, I shouldn’t be wishing my time away, but honestly I just cannot wait for December 26th!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Well, that is all my news……I just had to share…..I am now waiting for fabric and patterns that I ordered to arrive so I can start sewing some sundresses and a long dress for the luau!!!!! So exciting…because I never seem to find time to make anything for me, but now I will make the time!!!!

I apologize for not being here as often as I had hoped I would be but I actually have a couple orders to work on as soon as fabric arrives and I am working on a memory quilt for daughter’s birthday and memory quilts for two youngest grandmiracles whose birthdays are coming up last week of April and first week of May!  I will post pics when they are done.

I want to take a minute, here, to thank you all for your following….this past week I reached the 3,000 views status!!!!  Very happy about that, so thank you all and feel free to spread the word to your friends……

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and that none of you have been affected by yesterday’s tornados….Be safe!!!




6 thoughts on “Could My Birthday Be Any Better? I Think Not!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Louise – no on deserves a trip to Hawaii better than you do!!! You do so much for everyone around you, and I’m so glad that now YOU are going to be pampered!!! I can’t wait to see your vacation clothes as you make them – I hope you’ll share with us! Hugs to you!!! 🙂

    • Thank you, Karen. As you and I have spoken of before….we are both very lucky ladies to have the husbands we have. I will definitely share pics of clothes and then more pics when we get back!!!!

    • Thank you, Kathleen. Really looking forward to this and can’t wait to share pics! 🙂 It truly is the trip of a lifetime for us as our vacations while raising and educating these four kids were always within the state and never exotic!!! They were always fun, though, but this is just a dream vacation come true! 🙂

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