Do You Need To Lose Weight?

So do I!!! Especially, now that I have a trip to Maui planned for December and a lake cottage vacation in July for a week!!!! Well, I have thought about this a lot….I have tried and tried everything I can think of and honestly, like most people, I start out sooooo motivated and then one little slip and I punish myself by continuing with all the bad habits….but while I am seeing progress of even just a couple pounds in a week, I remain motivated and I know myself well enough to know that if I get where I want to be…..I will make darn sure I stay there.  So, how do I get there?  Well, I am no more sure of that today than I have ever been…..But since I don’t give up easily and really need to lose 30 pounds and 35 to give myself a little leeway, (water weight leeway only, so I don’t feel all bad and bummed), I am giving it one more try.

Today, I bumped into an ad…..Now, don’t panic!!!! I am not an easy sell….anyone who knows me will tell you I am the most skeptical person they know.  I think every ad and commercial is bad and I look for the negative in it…really, I do… LOL!!!! This ad, though, makes it sound too good to be true and now, you must know me well enough even if this is the first time you are here, to know that I believe if it sounds too good to be true it must be, so why did I read this ad?  Well, it is not the first time I read this ad….but it is the first time I indulged….

I don’t like the programs that charge you to tell you what you can eat or how to count what you eat and maybe even chastise you by putting you in a certain level if you don’t keep up with their plan…..and I think all of them charge too much!!!!!!  I think it is Crazy!!!!!!  Is it the amount of money you spend that keeps you loyal to the plan cause you don’t want to feel guilty about spending that much?  I can’t do that!!!!! Some people can, and it works for them, but I have only read about them and never met one, not one!!!!  I think this ad I saw is too expensive as well, but here is what I am going to do!!!!

I ordered it today for just the cost of having it shipped to me….$5.   I get to try it for 30 days from the date I receive it….I supposedly, (see, I am already skeptical), can eat the foods I normally (and want to) eat.  I don’t have to measure or count anything….I don’t have to include exercise, but to be fair, since I really want this to work, I will, as I have on other tries, exercise using my Wii…This is not a tough workout, but it does help a little….it is low key because of lupus and osteoarthritis issues.  Anything is better than nothing….So, I went to my calendar and set myself a reminder to cancel and return unused portion (so I am not charged) after 24 days of using this product.  That, I think is fair, because at the end of 24 days, if I have not seen a significant weight loss as they claim I will I will return for non-satisfaction….There is no point to keeping it, being charged $90 and being sent another supply for another $90 if it isn’t working…..However, if it is working, I am thinking I will only need another two month supply for another $90 and for $180 I will have reached my goal in four months which will bring me right into July vacation time!!!!! Yayyyyy!  I am looking at this as I have nothing to lose except some weight!

Now, please, believe me, this company has offered me nothing to write this, but I am considering if it works for me, I will send this to them so they know how skeptical I was and what my plan was in the beginning and I will let them know they can use this FREE of charge if they want because I will be so happy that it worked.

I am not trying to lose this weight, only because I want to look better, but mostly because I want to feel better, not so tired always, not so winded just climbing a flight of stairs, etc.  I am hoping taking some of this weight off will make my knee not hurt so much!  I know you are thinking 30 lbs is nothing, but for me, this is the heaviest I have ever been in my life and I am not physically comfortable. I was physically comfortable 30 lbs ago.  Emotionally, if this works I will feel better as well, but it is not my primary reason for doing this.

I will be back with follow ups to let you know how this goes…..Keep your fingers crossed for me…..

If this doesn’t work, then, I guess I am back to portion control and no junk foods and watching my fats, etc. and perhaps beefing up the exercise…and not being so hard on myself if I slip.  It would be so much easier, though, if I could just be there and just have to work at staying there, because I know I could if I were there!!!! 🙂

Now, I think there are only one or two relatives that read this and I trust them to be quiet.  I have no plan of telling anyone who sees me regularly about this….I want to see their reaction and hear their comments if I experience positive results and if I don’t, truthfully I just don’t want to hear, ‘if it sounds too good to be true….’  LOL!!!!!

Okay, I know, you have been wondering which ad I succombed to today….It is Sensa!!!!

I am not saying it was the smartest move I have ever made, but it is a move that offers me nothing to lose except weight, and my calendar will remind me not to let it happen if it isn’t working! What the heck!!!!!!

Have any of you ever tried Sensa?  Leave a comment and let me know if you did and how it worked or didn’t work for you…..

Here’s to losing!!!!!

Thanks for reading….hope I didn’t bore you too much!!!


4 thoughts on “Do You Need To Lose Weight?

  1. Louise – I have seen that ad too – so you will need to let me know how it works! I would love to lose that 30-35 lbs that has been hanging around (literally) for a few years. I wish you all the best and will send good thoughts your way – Have a great weekend – Kathleen

    • I will keep you posted, here. Thanks for the good thoughts. I don’t usually do these kind of things, but this one just kept gnawing at me….maybe just good marketing on their part, but time will tell. 🙂


  2. Louise! If this works, let me know! I have already lost 10 pounds on my own and am still staying the course, but a bit of help is never a bad idea, no? 🙂
    Good luck to you and I am so looking forward to your reports from Maui!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE I am as excited as if I would go myself! LOL

    • I will keep you posted, here. As for Maui reports, well you have a while before they come, but you can bet there will be tons of pics and you will probably ask me to stop talking about it at some point!!! LOL!!!
      Great job losing 10 pounds on your own…I have lost about 6 but just need the help, and am hoping this does the trick. We will see!
      Have a good weekend, Bridgett!

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