Did You Remember to Set Your Clocks AHEAD Last Night?

For most Americans, daylight saving time 2012 began at 2 a.m. this morning, when most states sprung AHEAD an hour.

The federal government doesn’t require U.S. states or territories to observe daylight saving time, which is why residents of Arizona, Hawaii,  Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Marianas Islands didn’t need to change their clocks this morning.

This is a very controversial topic.  Many people look at it as an inconvenience, unnecessary and just a pain in the backside.

Others welcome it, and wish it would last year round. I would be on this side of the table. For me the more daylight the better. I love a bit of extra evening sunshine.



So, did you get to church or to work an hour LATE, this morning and wonder why everyone was already there?

Oh, and if you remembered, I hope you went to bed an hour early last night, because if you didn’t you missed an hour?

Although, those of you who have babies in the house– their physiological clocks are the only thing that matter to them and if they are hungry no clock is going to change that feeling, and if you put them to bed at their normal time last night, they were up at their normal time, although it looked on the clock like it was an hour late!!!!

Enjoy the Spring….You will be Falling Back on Sunday, November 4, 2012!!!!!!!



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