Do You Have A Green Thumb?

Good morning!!!!!  I do NOT have a green thumb….That has never stopped me from loving houseplants of all kinds and trying more times than I care to think to grow so many different types of plants in my house….The end result is always the same….not enough water, too much water, needed more light, too hot in the house, too cold in the house, well, you get the point, right?  I kill plants….some right away, and some suffer a good long time with me!!! LOL!!!!

As I said, I keep trying!!!!  My house has one East-facing window and the couch is in front of it, so no room for a beautiful plant stand so they can benefit from the morning sun…..I also have two South-facing windows…..pretty much blocked by a huge gray house so not really a lot of sunshine, although there is some, it is not enough for plants to benefit from…I have two West-facing windows!!!! Now, I just discovered after moving things around that these two windows are where I can actually get a plant to grow.  It could just be coincidence that I have the right kind of plant for the amount of sun, water, and temperature that occurs in those two windows.  Who really knows??  If you do, please, feel free to leave comments and suggestions. I live in New Hampshire, so outdoor plants are pretty limited.  I do well with a very small vegetable garden, most summers with tomatoes, cukes, scallions/green onions, radishes, sunflowers, and of course I put out EVERY year some annuals and morning glories and moon glories and I just love the colors and beauty after a good sprinkling with the hose and the water glistening on top!!!!

Anyway, I was inspired last week by my good friend Bridgett, to try something different and oh, how I love trying something new!!!!! First though, I must tell you that for over 20 years I have tried to get an avocado to busrst into sprouts and leaves and grow with roots showing in the glass of water on which the poor thing suspended with toothpicks.  Every time, months of care would go by and not even a crack!!!! NOTHING!!!!!  Then, I read Bridgett’s instructions in an email, I think it was, because I had seen a pic of her avocado that made me crazy and well, the proof is coming.  Another plant I have always tried to care for so I could enjoy it the following year has been a pointsettia!!!! NEVER!!!! Leaves fell off, stems rotted, covered it with another pot to give it its darkness and hid it in a closet to make sure it stayed dark and yup, forgot all about it!!!!  However, this West-facing window…WELL, let me tell you;  the poinsettia lost all its leaves and is now showing beautiful new ones, even some with color!!!!!!  The avocado cracked, roots started to smile at me one morning and now there is a dark green sprout sticking out the top of the crack, so I transplanted it into its own little pot and am hoping I get a full, beautiful green plant!!!! Yesterday, I was indulgent!!!! I was in the grocery store and I saw this beautiful Shamrock plant…Well, we are having guests over the weekend and I thought, ‘hmmm, I usually have good luck with these, so why did I stop growing these and where are the ones I had good luck with…’  LOL!!!!! Well, I bought a big healthy-looking one and brought it home.  These plants are scary at first because you look at their stems and they are tiny, white, delicate stems (the size, in diameter, of 1/2 of a bean sprout and not nearly as firm),  Then, as I was staring at its beauty and hoping it will last and be happy here, I remembered where all my others went. You see, these plants have tiny little nodules at the end of the roots and if you break them off, split them in half or more if they are huge, and then just plant the nodule within a week you have little sprouts sticking up and off they grow into big beautiful plants….So easy, just water and not drown, and a lot of light.  Oh, speaking of light….when they have light they open up and are beautfiul and when lights are dimmed or on a cloudy day, they close right up and look like they are all snuggled up for a good night’s sleep. They are just adorable, interesting plants! So, hopefully this one will be happy here. LOL!!!!  Oh yeah, where did my others go?  Well, my daughters got them, not sure if they are still there, guessing not!!! LOL!!!! I also made many new plants for the girls to share with their classmates on St. Patrick’s Day when they were younger… is really that easy!!!!!

Okay, I rant and rant about houseplants, I think because they are such a challenge for me.  My whole point here was that I have followed Bridgett’s advice with the avocado and it worked, but then last week she blew me away, again, with one of her brilliant ideas and so I am trying it.

I took a picture this morning of my growing avocado, my happy (for now) pointsettia, my new Shamrock, and my celery that I have in a bowl of water, right now, since yesterday…my fingers are crossed…

Here is the picture!

Well, if any of you have suggestions, I am so open to any information I can gather to keep these babies happy!!!! LOL!!!

Thank you, Bridgett, for the inspiration to try again and to try something new and for the courage to try another pointsettia.

Hope you all have a wonderful day…..

Go grow something!!!!  Especially, try something you have never succeeded at before….



5 thoughts on “Do You Have A Green Thumb?

    • Oh, Bridgett…They are so much fun……I am not sure if I digging and bag some up in a plastic bag with wet paper towels how they will fare the cross country trip, but perhaps after this weekend is over, I will go digging and we can try….won’t hurt to try right?? 🙂

      • Well, it will be worth a try…What’s the harm? They are pretty strong little things, I kow that…Many years ago, when I had a bunch of them, I forgot to plan a watering sitter while we were gone for a weekend…Very hot in CA in July and house all closed up, etc. Came back and they were all wilted and hanging over the edge of their pots…Thought I had killed them, but figured I would try some TLC so I filled the sink with a few inches of water and sat them in there and they all perked right up and lived a long life till I gave them away!!!! 🙂

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