Update on Green Thumb Post!!!!!

Well, just had to show you the progress…..

Of course, the shamrock plant is just as happy as ever and this morning, I hit one of the stems on the pointsettia and broke it right off, but I quickly put it in water and am hoping to nurse it back to roots….we will see…:)

Here are the pics of the celery and the avocado!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!

Right now, at noon time, in New Hampshire it is 74 degrees with a predicted high of 83…..This is extremely unusual for end of March, here.  It is also dangerous as it is making me want to go out and plant seeds and plants and I know I should wait till end of April at the very earliest here, but what if the weather has really changed and it would be okay….oh, my!!!! I am really torn, but I will be good and wait a bit just because I don’t want all the work I put into planting to be killed on one night with low temps!!!  You never know around here….As the saying goes, ‘if you don’t like the weather in New England,,,,wait a few minutes!’ So, I will be good and wait.  All windows are open, laundry is done and DH cleaned his truck..in and out! THAT is a sure sign of Spring!!! LOL!!!!!  Cleaned out my storage closet to get the A/Cs out and now they are so accessible for when we need them. Going to vac and enjoy the rest of the day as DH is on vacation this week.  Beach tomorrow, and dinner with large family group on Saturday, home Sunday, getting back into the mindset that work starts again on Monday.  What a beautiful week for a vacataion!

Sadly had to return the two little grandkids yesterday, but a few days with them was great!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!






2 thoughts on “Update on Green Thumb Post!!!!!

    • I know, you are right…..I am waiting, but for me, waiting to plant and watch my plants reach for the sun is like a 4 y.o. on Christmas morning who has to eat breakfast before she can open gifts!!!! BaHaHaHaHa!!!!

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