Have You Met This Artist???4/16/2012

I have Desiree over today!

Here is Desiree!!!

In 2007 I needed a birthday gift for my very bohemian sister.  Being an avid quilter and lover of color, I had a bunch of batik fabric scraps lying around and I got the idea to piece them into a simple tote-all style bag.  It was such a big hit I began making them by request and listing them in my etsy shop: Hamncheezr. 

My inner hippy wants this bag so bad!!!!!

After a while I began to make and list bags at random; sometimes a certain fabric would catch my eye and I’d make a bag just to be able to use it as a lining, or sometimes certain scraps looked good to me.  Making my batik bags is very freeing as no real planning goes into each bag, just a desire to have a well made, beautiful and unique finished product.  No two bags are ever absolutely alike.  Each bag is hand made by me and is machine pieced and quilted on the outside, then it is lined with cotton quilt-quality fabric.  The straps or handles are all different as well, and a lot of times I will create a closure for the bag with a tab and vintage button.


This one is hilarious! :)

Over the years I’ve branched out from just tote bags to small lap or wall quilts and “Busy Bags” as I call them.  Another brain child of a needed birthday gift, the Busy Bag is a small, educational accessory designed for little girls ages 2-6.  The various button, zipper, tie, Velcro and snap features help hone fine motor skills and the cuteness of each bag just can’t be beat!  Everything is very securely sewn on and attached, making these little bags absolutely machine washable.


My family is very crafty, my Mom is an artist and she taught all my brothers and sisters and myself to quilt, sew and knit at an early age.  I craft as a hobby and stress reliever (because as a stay at home Mom sometimes you just have to do something for yourself) but I love that I’m able to share a little bit of my creativity with others and I love when I hear from people who have used and enjoyed my items.

I so love this one!!!


Here are a few more pictures of Desiree’s items! All of them are just so pretty and you can tell they are made with love and care! The fabrics are just to die for!!! I love her use of colour as well! If you want to keep up with Desiree and her busy needles, you should definitely follow her blog!


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