Have You Met This Artist? 05/21/2012

I have Tanya over today!

Tanya does custom knitting! So if you want a piece done, you may want to give her a shout.

I better let her explain what she does. :)

Tanya Seidman

Tanya Seidman! Talented knitter!

I’m a stay at home mother to our 11-1/2 year old twins, Ariel and Madeleine and a mom to a host of nine big and small pets. For 23 years, I have been married to Jonathan Seidman. That’s a long time to be married to me! We’ve been together for 26 years.

I love these mittens! LOVE THEM!!!!!

Seven years ago, a friend inspired me to knit. She would knit up these lovely ponchos for her daughter and I wanted the same for our daughters. Rather than asking my friend to knit up the garments, I wanted to learn how to knit and make them for myself. I’m a very visual and determined person, so I went out and I bought a $5 instructional DVD video about knitting. At that time, there were local yarn shops offering classes, but I did not want to throw away $200. I’m a quick learner and I knew I could do it in an afternoon. Seven years later I’m knitting just about anything. I love to add fabric to my pieces or tear apart a pattern and add something unusual to the knitted pieces. I love one of a kind garments. 

This must be *the* most fluffy picture ever! LOVE THE FLUFF!

What inspires me the most is color, art and other talented knitters. I own a crazy collection of over 500 pairs of knitting needles. All from glow in the dark to glass needles with hologram skulls on the ends. When you visit my home the first thing you might notice is my collection. They are in decorative, pretty jars sitting on the window sill or on tables. I do not try to hide them or my yarn when someone visits. I see it as… you’re visiting me and not my home. 

Oh-la-la! *wiggles eyebrows*

If you are interested in any garment pieces (big or small) or knitted toys, you may contact me via email at tanyaseidman{at}gmail{dot}com or drop me a message through Facebook. All knitted pieces are custom made to order. Also, check out my Etsy shop, Ting Ting and Owl. It’s a bit on the bare side because it is new. If you see a piece that you like or if you have something else in mind, do not hesitate to message me. Each piece is always knitted with care and in a smoke free home.

There you have it! Go send her an email! I am sure it will make her happy! Or say hi to her on FB… It’s nice to make new friends, specially such talented ones!I have a few more pictures for you too! Check out what else she does… and do you recognise the owl hat? hahahha…. yep! She can make you one of those too! :D


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