Have You Met This Artist? 06/04/2012

I have a photographer today! Katya Laroche from Lostlogo! Wonderful pictures! This is her second feature ever! Let’s celebrate it with lots of encouraging comments! :) I will let Katya tell you about her art and herself!

For my photos, travelling is my main inspiration. Me and my boyfriend have been travelling full time in a travel trailer since late 2009 and before that I travelled in Mexico and Argentina. Most places we stay are naturally photogenic and offer thousands of scenes, towns, junk yards and details many take for granted. I especially love abandoned buildings, rarely navigated trails and roads, gnarled trees and naturally striking textures.  In cities, I love people watching (and people’s pets watching). There are a million photos of a historic building, national parks and famous people, but only one of a total stranger or animal doing something interesting.

I started taking photos in high school and haven’t put down a camera since. I mostly shoot film but my digital SLR is handy for blogging and travel logging, and it impresses me from time to time. I shoot colour and black and white but always love the mood that black and white gives off.
My style has always been about how I see things, not intended to be some kind of exact representation of reality, or even a surreal one, just mine. My huge range of subject matter means I’ve never really found a niche, which is really fine with me, though making a living selling my photos would be amazing.
Right now I sell on etsy and my own website but would eventually like to do some shows if we ever stop travelling long enough.
Katya Laroche

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