Did You Know That Today Is Flip Flop Day???

Well, it is!!!!  

That said, I decided to go find flip flops, tutorials on how to decorate them and just anything I could find to share with you.

Flip flops have been around for a long time, and they certainly are not going anywhere, but they are becoming more attractive with a little creativity….

Source: GPencil.com

For example;  I found this wonderful blog post and asked the author, Stacy from Red Door Home if I could link to her post and she absolutely allowed it! So, thank you, Stacy and here you all go.  This one, I am certainly planning on doing for my three granddaughters.  I just know they will love them!!!

Go here to see this wonderful idea with water balloons!!!

I also found this post by Sadie and sent her a request to post a link and direct you all to her wonderful flip flop craft list post.  Wait till you see all the wonderful creative ideas on this list!!!! Amazing!!!!  This is actually where I found Stacy from Red Door Home.

Well, I hope you find some wonderfully inspiring ideas and if you create your flip flops for the summer with any of these ideas, I sure would love for you to leave a comment and please, post a picture in  my Flickr .

Happy decorating and have a wonderful and safe summer!


5 thoughts on “Did You Know That Today Is Flip Flop Day???

  1. Little update!!!! Yesterday, I bought red, white and blue water balloons and Patriotic flip flops for the three granddaughters….going to be busy this weekend, and hopefully a post with the finished products will be coming soon….Perfect timing for celebratory flip flops and all the materials are right there for the buying….very inexpensive, as well….Have some fun…let’s see what you make!!!!

  2. LOVE This idea! Sent the post to my daughter and she’s ready to raid my sewing room! I wish I had a bag of balloons handy 🙂 Will get some tomorrow! Wow – how creative 🙂

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