Do You Hate Making Beds???

I saw this on the news and just HAD to share this bedmaking solution with you!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!!! One of the easiest chores we have and look at this:

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.  Cannot even imagine!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Do You Hate Making Beds???

  1. Well isn’t that a hoot! Multiple, many, hundreds of questions come to mind. What if the bottom comes untucked? What if you have more than one sheet/blanket to pull up? And those strings on the pillows — couldn’t you strangle yourself in the night? Ok, I guess I only had three questions, but I’m sure I’ll think of more.

    This just floors me. What will they think of next? I’d like something that would unload the dishwasher. (if I had a dishwasher)

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