Happy Father’s Day or Happy Dad’s Day!!!!

I think the name of this day should keep up with the times……

Decades ago, being a father was defined as follows;

As we grow and raise our children, and the times change we come to realize that ‘father’ is, unfortunately, sometime more a verb than a noun.

Other times ‘dad’ is a more appropriate name for some men, who have never had their own children, but raise children as their own.

If we are realistic, we must acknowledge that sometime, mom IS the dad……..

 and best scenerio is what we most often anticipate……..a father is a dad too!

So, for all you fathers who ARE dads and to all you dads who might not be a father and to all you single moms who are both mom and dad:

Happy Father’s, Dad’s, Mom/Dad, day….because each of you have very lucky children!!!!

I am so grateful, that I have a wonderful dad for my children and he is their father, too!!!!  Feeling very blessed today to have such a hard working, dedicated, loving and caring man who I have had the pleasure to be married to for nearly 33 years!!!!

Getting back to the title of this post:  I think Father’s Day should be renamed to ‘Dad’s Day.’

Have a wonderful day!!!!!!



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