Haven’t We Been Taught That Spitting Is Wrong?

Well, today, from the Mid-Atlantic through the Northeast United States, temperatures are nearing three digit numbers!!!! We need something to stay hydrated and we need to do something to keep cool.

In addition, today is the start of Watermelon Seed Spitting Week!!!! LOL!!!! Perfect timing with these temperatures to have a pool party, or find a great spot on a beach or at a lake to keep cool.  To stay hydrated….Well, of course, WATERMELON!!!!

Source: Winmarkcom.com

Now, doesn’t that look tempting?

The Guinness World Record holder for Watermelon Seed Spitting is Lee Wheellis who spit his seed 68 feet 9 1/8 inches in 1989!!!!!

Do you think you can beat him?  Good luck!!!!

Here’s how to try with some great tips from people who know!!!!

On your mark. Get set…spit?

Source: whataboutwatermelon.com

The kids are out of school and they will need something to keep them busy….Have them set up a ‘spitway’ up to 15 feet wide and 100 ft long. Mark a starting line and keep a long tape measure handy.


  • If the seed lands outside the boundaries, the contestant is disqualified.
  • The contestant may get a running start, but their foot may not cross the starting line.
  • Each contestant gets 2 spits,  just in case one goes out of the bounds.
  • Record the distance of each spit, based on the seed’s final resting point.  To get detailed, as we know kids will, when it hits the ground it may bounce or roll…The distance is it’s FINAL resting point.
  • Whoever spits a seed the farthest on the spitway, wins.

Spitting Tips

  • Pick a large, black seed.      Since it’s heavier, it’s more likely to bounce once it hits the ground,  increasing the distance. Heavier seeds overcome wind and friction better  as well.
  • Stay hydrated. A moist mouth and seed provide less friction upon launch.
  • Get a running start. Any movement can provide momentum and a more powerful spit. Besides, it makes for a more fun event, just don’t cross the starting line and don’t let any spinning cause you to miss-fire and shoot the seed out of bounds—or at your friends. Also, beware laughing as you can inadvertently swallow your  projectile.
  • Tilt your head upward and  blow hard. A good trajectory can increase distance as can sheer force.
  • Loosen up.
  • Some people roll their tongue while spitting the watermelon seed to get a stronger burst of air. Make a shoot with your mouth for the seed to come out of, almost as if you’re preparing to whistle.
  • Practice with sunflower seeds…

So, you see, spitting isn’t ALWAYS wrong!!!!!

Have great summer of fun and of course, be safe!

If you have a contest, please, feel free to add pics to our Flickr Group !!!!



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