Can You Help????? 6/25/2012


I am hoping to recruit some new artists to feature!!!!!  I am running out and people seem to really love the features on Mondays so if you or anyone you know is an artist of hand-made (with your own hands) anything and would like to be featured or feel someone you know should be featured….please, either leave a comment here with contact info or send me an email @

Hoping to hear from many of you.

I am doing this post today in lieu of a feature as the couple that were scheduled have cancelled and now this feature Monday is without a waiting list any more.  Summer time is difficult as everyone is so busy enjoying the outdoors, vacationing, etc., so until there are more artists coming forward….Mondays will have to be recruiting artists or something different.

Check your blog rolls…anyone super interesting that makes you anxious for their next post because they create beautiful somethings???

I appreciate your help in this recruitment…

Let’s see how many more artists we can feature over the summer!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend.







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