The Countdown Begins!!!!! For What?

In exactly one week from this moment we will be finishing up breakfast and on our way to a lovely little lake house about one hour north of us. Peaceful, right on the water, cell phones have no service there, so we will bring laptop to be available to the kids (yes, they are all grown, but I will rest better if I know they can reach us).

Can’t wait…..

My featured artist post for that week will be delayed and I have scheduled a substitute post….There will be two featured artists on the week I return…

Here are some pics of where we will be and what it will be like;  grilling by hubby, most of the week, except for indoor breakfasts that I will do, :); lobster dinner one night, steak dinner another night; dinner at our favorite place one block down the road (The Big Catch), kayaking, basking in the fresh mountain/lake air, cooooool nights, warm/hot days, but a lake to jump right into to cool off…..Oh, yeah!!!!!  If the weather wants to be rainy, well that’s okay cause we have a lovely screened in porch to enjoy!!!!

Here are the pics;  enough chatter….then I have to make packing and shopping lists….then next week pack and shop!!!!




















This is where we like to sit at the Big Catch…right on the dock!!!


Well, there you have it….I will be sure to post pics of the BBQing going on, the lobsters, the kayaking, the fireside chats at night, etc.  Hope you all have a wonderful week.  I will be counting down all week!!!



6 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins!!!!! For What?

    • Thank you, Beth. I am sure it will be relaxing and lots of fun…It is very peaceful and we know all the neighbors, now…so usually end up having one night at least where we all get together and enjoy! 🙂

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