I Need Your Help, Please?????? 7/18/2012

Well, I got a wonderful surprise today!!!!!! Beth, my oldest granddaughter, called and asked if she could come spend the night!  Well, of course she can,,,,,,any time!!!!!!

We had lunch and played some cards and then my Perfect Tortilla order arrived.  No tortillas in the house, so we improvised…..

We melted butter and mixed it with brown sugar..

We took a slice of bread and trimmed the crust and pressed down hard to make it as thin as possible…

Then, we placed our slice of bread into the tortilla pan, brushed it with the butter/sugar mixture and baked it for 8 mins @ 400 degrees…

THEN, being National Ice Cream Day, we plopped a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream into our creation, added some canned peaches and it was yummy!!!!

What do I need help with?  Well, not eating it, that’s for sure!!!! It was so good and disappeared so quickly!!!! 🙂

We need help naming this delicious snack/dessert!!!!

What would you name it?  Please, leave a comment below……

Thanks for your help and wish you could have been here to share!!!!




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