Today Is National Ice Cream Day!!!! 7/18/2012

According to Oakhurst Dairy in Portland, Maine today is National Ice Cream Day! 

With the high temperatures throughout most of the country over the last MONTH, this post seems appropriate and hopefully it will get you off the couch and out for an ice cream cone or something ice cream!!!!



Now, isn’t this inviting??????

Well, my favorite would be this;


A yummy scoop of chocolate ice cream in a sugar cone!!!! 

However, if I haven’t eaten and I really want to splurge, this is what I would go for:


I have to say, though, I have the best husband in the world, because when I want one of these it is all chocolate ice cream, no nuts, and NO BANANA!!!!! This poor man gets the weirdest looks when ordering a banana split without the banana!!!!!  ♥

So, go out, treat yourself!!! Bring the little ones with you and be prepared to need tubbies when you get home, and/or to have to buy another cone when one gets tipped over and onto the ground….Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy!!!! You only live once.

I am sending you this lovely bouquet, just for stopping by!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!










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