Have You Met This Artist? 7/30/2012


Do you love vintage?  Well, you are going to love this artist!!!!!!  This is the feature that should have been posted last Monday, but I was on vacation.  Be sure to check in on Wednesday for the feature that should have been posted today!  Then, back to normal with featured artists on Mondays, till next vacation when I am off to Maui, the day after Christmas!!!  🙂


Here is Levi!!!!  Go ahead and meet him for yourself! And if you are in need of a new pair of glasses? Why not make it an “old” one????

Aren’t these just beautiful?

Hi, this is Levi from The Vintage Optical Shop. I started out selling vintage eyeglasses years ago after purchasing a pair for myself and falling in love with the concept. I have always been fascinated by old things and the mystery of what they may have gone through so it only seemed natural  when I started selling them.

We have frames from 1850 through the 1960′s. I personally like the real antique frames  best though the most common pairs today are the later 1960′s cat eye glasses and Horn rimmed glasses. Cat eye glasses are a lot of fun. Every day you see new fun colors and styles and just when you think you have  seen it all you come across a new design you never would have imagined had been created.

Cute little cat’s eye glasses! I had a pair of these in black, when I was in 7th grade, 1962!!!! Yes, I am dating myself, but it is true!!! 🙂

I enjoy helping people find a unique pair of glasses that would not be possible in today’s mass produced generation. Many people are sick of the same styles and are looking for something one of a kind. Those are often hard to come across especially in the right size but when it does work out it makes it worth the effort.

This is the kind of frame that looks best on me, really.. Oh…. I look good in granny-glasses!!! O.O hahahah

Antique frames are fun as well. Many people out there enjoy wearing Pince nez glasses. Those are eyeglasses that clip on to the nose and have no arms. Most people are familiar with those from the Movies and would be surprised to know that there is a big Pince nez following today, many people prefer wearing pince nez to regular modern frames.

Vintage eyeglasses are getting harder to come across. Many were worn over the years and are not in usable condition.  Adding to this, many were made using real gold or were gold filled (a heavy gold plating process, usually 10% of the material is gold). With today’s gold prices skyrocketing, many people have been melting them down for their scrap gold value. To come across a nice lot in good condition is a real joy and something that is becoming more rare.

You can find our website here: http://vintageopticalshop.com

Our Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/VintageOpticalShop

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vintageopticalshop

Tumblr http://vosspectacle.tumblr.com

Head on over and have a look at the tons of really amazing vintage and antique frames! I am CERTAIN you will find a pair you can’t live without! The service is super friendly! Levi is super helpful and really knows his stuff!

If you are an artist, or know of an artist you think deserves to be featured, please let me know by leaving a comment here.

My featured artists will go on to be featured on two more blogs this month. Next, on Karen’s blog and then, on Indie Mosaic blog and was just featured on Bridgett’s blog! So you get maximum exposure! Since we all do different things you will reach different readers on each of our blogs and you really get your name out there! It’s really great. And best of all: It’s free! If you enjoyed reading this and want to be featured, or know of someone that you think should be featured, leave a comment on this post, or email me at SlaveToMyNeedles@comcast.net.


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