Well, I Am Back From Vacation! 7/31/2012

Just a little heads up.  I am back from spending a lovely, peaceful and fun week at the lake (Newfound Lake, New Hampshire).

Spent a wonderful week that went by wayyyyy too fast.  Had some great food, good weather and awesome campfires.

Here are a few pics and everything is back to normal.  Five calls from clients while I was away!!!! Quilt orders are coming in and being done in the order received, unless there is a particular date they are needed for a gift then I put a rush on it.  Get your orders for memory/memorial quilts in A.S.A.P.  I am happy to work with you on fabric and color choices….as well as size and pics and/or machine embroidered personalization.  Holidays are less than 5 months away!!! Contact me with questions and feel free to click above on my studio tab!!

I very much enjoyed my vacation, but am happy to be home and happy getting back to work..

Hope you are all having a great and productive week.



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