Want To Buddy Up With Me In My New Challenge? 08/09/2012

Good morning!

As you know, we are in a dry spell for featured artists due to Summer, vacations and maybe a touch of low self-esteem on the part of all these wonderful artists out there!

If you are an artist of hand-made anything, please contact me so you can be featured!! If you know an artist who you think should be featured, again, contact me!!! It is FREE advertising!!! 

Months ago, you all know that I tried Sensa to lose this gnawing, irritating, aggravating, annoying 30-35 pounds that just loves hanging out with me!!!! It was a huge fail for me!

I believe I can get rid of this fat and feel better!!!!  Since the Sensa fail, I have had radioactive iodine to burn my thyroid and the follow up visit to make sure it was successful is on Monday!!!!!  Worse scenario is that it did not work and they will have to remove the thyroid, but the best scenario is I will take a thyroid pill once a day…I am sure that will be a lot easier than what I was dealing with.  I do feel better with less symptoms than prior to the procedure, and with a bit more energy, so Monday will tell!!!

 I still, though, need to lose this fat, so I am going to start on Friday with two shakes a day.  I know, I know…you are thinking ‘oh, yuck, Slim Fast tastes like vitamins and some of those others are chalky.’  Well, you are right if you are thinking that because I have tried them all at one time or another.  Exercise is very painful with my knee issue and I am NOT quite ready or old enough (according to my doctor) to have a knee replacement yet since I can still walk with it.  The problem is I can’t walk for long or at any incline, although walking up hill isn’t so bad, coming down is worse!!  So, I have been in limbo…pay for the gym and not be able to go didn’t make much sense, walking short distances several times a day sounded like a great option until the soaring temps of 90 degree heat with 100% humidity hung in for most of the Summer so far, so how do I shed this weight with summer vacations, lobster, fried clams, and all the BBQ stuff, peer pressure and no will power?  I know you understand and may even be in the same boat!!!!!  I am so determined and I have great role models in some very close friends and have their support but the question remained…how?????  One dear friend of mine is a survivor of pancreatic cancer!!!  She is in her 30s and has three beautiful children and a wonderful husband.  Although she fought this monster and won, she has dealt with pain (pancreatitis) daily.  After her last baby was born in January she had some pounds to shed, but her diet to avoid more pain was very strict and she wasn’t able to get out and exercise in the Winter with the new baby and was very busy at home with three children. 

She came upon Body by Visalus!!!!  She did her homework, talked with her doctor, her husband, and some friends.  She decided to try it because it seemed like a good choice.  She drinks a shake in the morning and one for lunch.  She has healthy snacks between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner, which by the way, is anything she wants to eat!  She does no more exercise than she was doing before which, honestly, only consists of household stuff, running errands and chasing the kids around.  She started this at the end of April and had lost 18 lbs and 5 inches by the end of July!!!  Best of all, since she has been doing this she is PAIN FREE!!!! She feels so much better and she claims to have so much more energy!!!! I visited with her last week and she looks absolutely wonderful!!!

Needless to say, I was inspired but I am no easy sell!!!  I had lots of questions and was, as usual, very skeptical.  I talked her ear off, poor thing.  She answered all my questions and for those she had no answer she got answers.

My questions included things like I am lactose intolerant so was there milk product in the mix?  If not, I could mix it with lactose-free milk and have no problem, but even when I tried the Slim-Fast that was ‘lactose-free’ I had problems, only to find out there was ‘minimal milk product’ and obviously way too much fiber for my body so the results were like if I drank a gallon of whole milk.  Very uncomfortable and bloated and just not worth it!!!!  My clear answer was these shakes are completely lactose-free.  Yayyy!!!! 

Other questions were I am not on medication for high cholesterol, but I am borderline, so will this ‘very nutritious’ drink throw me over the border?  Nope, not a problem there either…..As a matter of fact, some of her friends who have been on Lipitor for high cholesterol and blood pressure meds, and diabetic meds have been taken off these meds by their doctors after a couple months on these shakes.

I am starting this challenge tomorrow morning, with my first shake to shake off 30-35 pounds.  It will arrive via my friendly UPS man today!  For inspiration, I have hung a dress that I want to take to Maui with me in December.  I cannot button the top button, and the waistline is less than attractive being tugged to button it closed.  I WILL pack and wear this dress in December!!!! 

I am going to use this blog as my diary through this challenge and hope you don’t mind!!! I need to do this and you are all so supportive and kind, I am hoping to vent to you if I need to and to brag to you when I can.  My best brag will be when I am able to put this dress on, take a pic and post it here for you all to see my success!

If any of you are dealing with something similar to what you have read here, or know of someone who is and would like to do this right along with me I certainly wouldn’t mind the company at all….Everything is easier when you do it with a buddy!

Of course, like everything else, there is a huge sales pitch, a video to watch and then they try to get you to sell the product.  I am not going to do any of that!!! They also have flavor packets and energy packets and vitamin packets….I am not going to do any of that!  I am simply doing the Vi-Shape Mix which when you add nothing but milk to it tastes like cake batter and mixes smooth!!!  I did get a sample from my friend as I wanted to make sure I liked it, that it wasn’t chalky and that it didn’t make my belly uncomfortable.  I had no problem with the belly and it tastes very good and blends very smooth.  I will take two shakes a day and there are recipes (over 100) so you never get bored…you can use fruit, juice, milk, water, vegetables, and/or spices, anything healthy you want to make your drink more exciting.  You can even add a couple teaspoons of sugar-free pudding mix of any flavor to your shake, put it in the fridge and have pudding for lunch!! I AM going to do that!!!!!  Seriously, what other diet allows you to have pudding for lunch??? 🙂

Like everything else that is for sale, there are tons of testimonials, but the ones that did it for me are the ones I will share, here.  These are friends that I or we (my friend and I) know personally.  They and my dress and now, hopefully, you are my inspiration to shake these pounds and feel better. 

Here are some pics I promised of real people and their results and the link to check out the product.

Wendy minus 100 lbs










Pam back to pre-baby weight



Chris from May 19 to July 18

Ashlee down 50 lbs and 8 sizes from 26 to 18

To help my friend who is considering selling the product as a stay-at-home mom trying to supplement the family income, I am having a challenge party here on Wednesday, August 22 in hopes of getting her some clients….of course if I get three people to sign up at this party, it won’t hurt that I get my next month’s shakes for FREE!!!!  Even if I have to pay for another month or two, it is $99 for one month’s worth of shakes.  Again, I did my homework, and for certain, even eating at home breakfast and lunch foods would cost me more than $99 for a month and for sure I would be buying the produce in addition so this is a no-brainer!!!  I am sure if I were going out to work every day instead of working at home, my breakfasts and lunches would be way more than that and not nearly as nutritional.

Anyway, thought I would share the new challenge in my life!!!! I hope you will check it out and perhaps join in and be one of my buddies.  It will be lots more fun if we can share our successes together, but no pressure here…I am doing it for sure and will report in, regularly!!!

When you lose the excuses, that’s when you’ll see progress.

Oh, and don’t forget….I would love to feature you and/or any of your friends who are hand-made item artists!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!! 



3 thoughts on “Want To Buddy Up With Me In My New Challenge? 08/09/2012

  1. I was just politely reminded by my friend that I should add the following information;

    They taste great!!! Lactose and gluten free and Diabetic friendly!!! The challenge is for anyone looking to get healthy, NOT just lose weight! If you want to balance nutrition, gain weight, get fit or lean the challenge is for anybody with ANY body! Even safe for those who are pregnant or nursing as well as for kids & teens!!!!

    There you have it. I have been so concerned with the weight loss part of it, I neglected to tell you about the other opportunities it offers as well. 🙂

  2. Oh girl, I feel ya! I have been on that roller coaster too, so many times. I recently found the perfect solution for myself and it is almost identical to what you are doing. The difference is that, instead of the Vitshake, I am using Glucerna. Yes, the diabetic stuff. Glucerna hunger smart shake. It keeps my blood sugar level and hunger down. I am drinking one for breakfast (I’m not much of a breakfast) and the rest of the day I eat protien + vegetables and a little fruit every day. I make a lot of gazpacho, yummy and perfect for summer! I haven’t added grains yet because that is like herion for me. I am addicted to starches. Once I start, I can stop. So for right now, this is my concentration.
    I also started going to a beginners belly dancing class. Since I am apple-shaped, it is most unattractive!! But my goal is to become more flexible and after 6 weeks, it seems to be helping. At the age of 58, I am so out of shape, it’s a shame. It ain’t easy! I wanted to quit because itis so hard, but a friend of mine talked me into staying the course.
    Thanks for sharing your plan through your blog. I am so happy for you!

    • Nan,
      Thank you for your reply and the inspiration and well wishes. See, THAT is pretty much what I am talking about…it is a buddy that each of us needs to be able to stick it out and deal with the harder days!!! I am happy the Glucerna is working for you. My husband is a diabetic and it didn’t work for him and he is extremely physically active at work all day!!!! I know that his physical activity has become the ‘norm’ for him so he really should rev it more than that, but he is really tired at the end of the day and getting him to go for short walks was like pulling teeth out of a chicken but he did it because he knew I wanted to and needed to…I hoped it would catch on for him but then as I said, the weather took over! At 63, I mentally feel like I am 30 but I know physically I am 63!!! LOL!!!! I have an online friend who is very motivated and inspirational so I can pull from her. She is wonderful! Anyway, I got my challenge package today, threw out everything that would tempt me and I put my goal page up on the fridge. I am hoping that when hubby goes on his binges of junk he will remember that I asked not to offered ‘just one piece or just one bite.’ I will just have to be firm and stay on the right path!!! I wish you continued success. I will be posting the good and the bad days…:) Thanks, again.

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