Day #3 And I Am Down 3 Pounds, Already! How?

Good morning!!!

I love my scale this morning! HaHaHa….

As you know, from my last post, I have started the Body by Vi program.  Two healthy and tasty (no grit, chalk or vitamin taste) shakes, a reasonable dinner of my choice, 6-8 glasses or bottles of water, and 3 snacks ( one between each meal and one after dinner)!  This has been the easiest challenge of my life to stick with….Seriously!  When it is time for a snack, I am not hungry, when it is time for my lunch shake, I really am not hungry and when dinner time rolls around, I am actually unsure I will be able to eat it, but I have forced myself to stick to the program and eat all that is required because if I drop my calorie levels then my body will think I am starving and will start to hold on to the fat I am trying to get rid of and well, that is just counter-productive!!!!  I never feel over-stuffed, I feel comfortable.  I haven’t craved for anything.  There is a huge variety of recipes for the shakes so you are never bored with the same old thing…For example, I have had a mocha, a fuzzy navel, an almond joy, a creamsicle, and an apple pie flavored shake.  Different ones each time.  My fave so far is the almond joy! The thing that impressed me most when making my decision to do this is that many people with ailments of many kinds have lost the ailments, their doctors have taken them off the medications for things like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Diabetes, and more. Unbelievable but true!!!


Since I demand instant gratification on most everything, I check the scale daily, which I am told is not the right thing to do, but for me it is….This morning I was already down three pounds and this morning starts my third day!!! I am excited.  I have included no exercise yet…I am waiting till I lose 10 of the 30 pounds I need to lose.  Then, I will start slowly because of my knee issue….and I will alternate with toning as well.  When I start exercising and toning, my calories per day will be increased, again, because I will be burning some while doing the exercising and toning and we don’t want the body to think it is starving and hang on to that fat which is its natural defensive mechanism against starvation!

I am very happy with how this is going so far and hope it continues to be this easy!!!

Remember, it is less expensive for these two meals a day, then your groceries or eating out!  If you need to lose weight, or if you need to gain weight (there is a program for this as well), you can click on this link and learn all there is to learn about the program. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, I would love to help you get healthy and more energized.  If you are pregnant or nursing, this program is a healthy choice for you, too!!! 

I will be back soon with more updates….Hope to hear from you…I could use a buddy, as things are always more fun with a buddy! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day #3 And I Am Down 3 Pounds, Already! How?

  1. I wasn’t able to leave a comment on your post, but this is what I tried to post –

    Good for you!!!! Congrats – balloons and confetti falling – on the beginning of a New YOU! I\\’m also losing weight and I write down my wt in the morning.. Every 7 days I total the amount, divide by 7 and that is the amount I\\’ve lost. the scale will go up and down, and I find that this helps me not become discouraged when it goes up. But, i\\’m always eagerly waiting for Day 7 🙂

    Karen Gass

    Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

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