What’s Up This Week?

I have a crazy week ahead!

I have a complete nursery bedding to create by Thursday and the only thing done so far is the fabrics are all preshrunk and ready to go!

I also have a BodybyVi Challenge party at my house on Wednesday evening.  I started this challenge a week ago last Friday and on the morning of Day #3 I was already down five pounds.  Then we picked up our two youngest grandmiracles (ages 4 and 6) for the week and I just knew with all the plans we had, there just wouldn’t be any way I would be able to stay on the game plan, so I decided not to waste any shakes by trying to beat the inevitable…took the week off, was careful wherever we ate and am pretty happy to say, it went well.  We had a blast, did lots of fun stuff and the time was definitely too short!  Back on track with the challenge today!!!  Hoping the party on Wednesday goes well for my friend.

Then, on Sunday, I am hosting a baby shower (which is why I need the nursery bedding done…it is my gift to my niece).  Yikes, I’d better get moving..

Pics will follow and then for sure once the crib is made up, I will get more.

Had a great family reunion/BBQ at Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine yesterday to end a perfect week!!!

So, now you know, if there isn’t too much happening here, it is because this upcoming week is crazy.  I had a guest post that was to happen here this week because I knew how crazy it would be around here and she is just an awesome person and you will love her, but she had a little emergency and couldn’t be here.  She promises to make it up, though, so I won’t spoil the surprise by introducing her, just yet!  Her emergency turned out fine, by the way!

Well, I am off to pack hubby’s lunch and get all my ducks in a row for another awesome week of peace and tranquility at my sewing machine!

Hoping you all have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!





2 thoughts on “What’s Up This Week?

    • I am excited, as is everyone that needs to lose weight, but I am a very skeptical person. I only bought into this because I saw real people that I know or my friend who is promoting this knows. Amazing results. I don’t have a lot to lose so it shouldn’t be long. (I hope).

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