Where Did The Summer Go? 09/01/2012

Wow, it has been a crazy and busy summer!!!! I spent a little insomnia time catching up on blog reading, answering emails, etc. this morning and was very inspired as most of the blogs I read were updates on what has been keeping the authors away…Well, for some it was work and others it was summer time fun.

For me, it has been both!!!

It started with a violin concert for one of my granddaughters.



Then there was a 5th grade crossing over (into middle school) ceremony for a grandson…Sorry, I forgot to bring my camera. REALLY??? Oh, sometime getting old really is maddening.

Then onto a preschool graduation, for the youngest grandchild!!!!








Then, there was kindergarten graduation, for the youngest granddaughter!!!

Then, we went on vacation at Newfound Lake lake house at end of July.  Perfect week, with great friends, great weather and so much fun and relaxation!  Just what the doctor ordered.








Then, there was another vacation in the middle of August.  This one was spent with the youngest two grandmiracles.  We did a picnic at a local lake, and some shopping and some fun stuff, and that week ended with a huge family reunion at Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine.  Later in the week, dinner out with the hubby to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary!










Finally, I wrapped up August by hosting a baby shower for my niece.

HaHaHa, while editing before posting this, I just noticed one of my granddaughters sitting/hiding on the sofa…wants no part of being in a pic…LOL!!!!

Of course, in between all this fun stuff there were orders to be completed, deadlines to meet, and life as usual!! A couple of memory quilts as well as nursery bedding can be seen on my Studio  Page.

Today is September 1.  Unbelievable!!!! This is National Sewing Month!  It is also when all the kids start school again. Allow extra time for the school bus delays on the roads, drive safely!

This morning, I have a panic-stricken bride coming over to have her dress fitted for alterations, as the seamstress she had left it with called her Thursday to let her know that she will not be able to do the alterations.  Her wedding is October 5! I am sure she will be in a better state of mind when she leaves.

For this month, I have a list of birthday and Christmas gifts to get moving on, as well as a project for my bedroom that I haven’t been able to get to,  so hopefully, this is the month for the bedroom.

In addition, I Halloween costume orders are coming in!!!!

So, now you have my update!!!! How was your summer?  What’s next for you?

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

Only 117 days till I leave on a jet plane headed to Maui for 10 luxurious days to have my long overdue (33 years) honeymoon!!! Can’t wait!


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