I Knew There Was A Reason I Couldn’t Sleep And Just Had To Get Up @ 2 A.M. !!!

I found myself wide awake at 2 a.m., and as hard as I tried to go back to sleep, my eyes wouldn’t stay closed and I then got this gnawing feeling to come to my laptop and just catch up on emails, etc.  So, I did.  When you can’t beat them, join them!!! 🙂

Well, my first email was a notification of a new post on one of my favorite blogs, ever! I went right to it, knowing it would be good as usual and all I can say is it was better than good!!!  Bridgett was nominated for an award!!! She so deserves this! She writes THE most interesting things and you are almost certain to learn something at every turn.  In addition, she is a pro and actually, now, is a teacher and living out her dream in a beautiful little yarn shop.  I am sure she keeps asking people to pinch her to make sure she isn’t just having this very long and exciting dream!!! Congrats, Bridgett!!!! Go check out her blog and see the most beautiful work she does and I am sure if you check out her ‘most recent posts’ list you will find something exciting about food, probably that is growing in her yard that she has done something magnificent with, or learn something about an herb or two. The one thing I know for sure is you will be hooked and then excited every time you get a notification that she has posted something new!

Bridgett and I have been online buddies for approximately two years.  We chat nearly every day, and have soooo very much in common.  The only thing I can find wrong with Bridgett is she lives as far across the country as she possibly could from me.  We do share one goal in common…..one day one of us will be sitting at the other’s home, sharing hugs, an herbal tea and chatting and laughing till we lose our voices!!! THAT will happen, and when it does, it will be too short a visit for sure!!!  Bridgett loves to share her life, her stories, her recipes and her happiness.  She did this today with me, again.  This time she nominated me for the same beautiful award as she was nominated for!

THANK YOU, Bridgett!!!!  Coming from you, this is an honor!!!!

Bridgett likes to keep things exciting and fun so she gave me some rules.  The first one is to thank her.  Well, I have done that, both on her blog and here!  Thanks, again, Bridgett! ♥

The next rule is I am supposed to tell you seven things about myself…Yikes, I will try! Most of you know some of these things, about me, I am sure, but here goes!

1.   I am married to the most wonderful and supportive husband a girl could ask for. We have been married 33 years!

2.  My husband and I never had a honeymoon, so………We are headed to Maui on December 26th for 10 glorious days of celebrating a wonderful life together, raising four children, and sharing the fun and love of 9 grandmiracles!

3.  I love to sew! I love to cook, spend time with my grandmiracles, kick back once in a while and forget everything on my ‘to do’ list and do nothing all day on one of my husband’s days off. We don’t get to do this often, but it sure is fun when we do.  Oh, did I mention I LOVE to sew? 

4.  I love the ocean and everything in and about it!

5.  My dream has always been to have a beautiful log cabin on the beach, so that I can sit in the wall of windows on the top floor and sew while looking up now and again to see my hubby and our little grandkids playing in the sand!

6.  I love Thanksgiving and Christmas! I love having lots and lots of people over so I can cook for them!

7.  I love life and don’t believe in wasting one minute of it!  Oh, I know, you just thought of my love of doing nothing on hubby’s day off…but that time, being lazy with him, playing cards, watching a good movie or two, and just spending quality time is CERTAINLY never wasted with him. 

Okay, well if you know Bridgett, you guessed it….one more rule!!!! HaHaHa!!!  This is a fun rule as I get to nominate 15 of my favorite blogs!!!  I wish I could nominate Bridgett, but somebody beat me to it!! Drum roll, please!!!!

This list is in no particular order:

1.  Love It Handmade.  Jan has just completed a beautiful first Christmas gift for her new grandson! Go check it out!

2.  Artisan Originals.  Valorie was born to craft..ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

3.  Poison Ivy Designs.  Ivy crochets and makes beautiful jewelry, but she is also a real estate agent and a nail technician.

4.  Project Remnant Redo.  You just have to check this out and see all the creativity and thought that goes into her creations.

5.  The Course of Our Seasons.  Kathleen shares her adventures of living in a circa 1800 farmhouse, and her current life in the Ozarks is shared in her poetry. She shares photos, recipes and more.

6.  The Renegade Seamstress.  Beth, among other things, is the queen of refashion.  This woman can turn anything into classy!!!! She has soooo many awesome tutorials. Her work is impeccable.

7.  Elegant Musings.  Casey shares her love for vintage, creativity and on-the-spot inspiration!

8.  Cheryl’s Purple Cow.  Cheryl brings awareness in a most unique way!!

9.  Red Door Home.  Stacy’s goal is to inspire you to create the home of your dreams and she reaches that goal. She has been featured in many, many home magazines, including Better Homes for starters!

10. Make It and Love It. Ashley is all about crafting, sewing and designing!  She shares tutorials and makes everything fun!

11. The Mother Huddle. Destri says if she had to pick one word to describe her blog it would be ‘sharing,’ and she does just this with DIY projects, tutorials, recipes and more.

12. Sew For Dough. Linda shares fantastic tips for alterations and more!

13. Sewaholic. Tasia is a self-described sewaholic!  She blogs about sewing projects, tips and inspiration. She has recently launched her own pattern collection.

14.  Sally Ann. Sally likes to sew and talk about recycling.

15. Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity. Sarah blogs that healthy and quality food doesn’t have to cost a fortune or come from an expensive natural store with awesome recipes and tips and photos and info about her garden.

There you have it!  I follow many more blogs, but these are my most favorite and the ones I will actually read from start to finish and not just skim or read the summary and go on. 

To all my nominees, please pat yourself on the back and then follow these rules;

  1. Leave a comment thanking ME hahaha.. I mean: the person that nominated you, and please be sure you are following this blog, and it is in your Blog Roll,
  2. Post the Lovely Blog Award to your blog,
  3. Tell us 7 things about you,
  4. Nominate 15 more blogs,
  5. Go to your nominees’ blogs and let them know they have been nominated!

I hope you have enjoyed this and will check out my nominees!  You will love them. Also, please check out Bridgett’s blog as she is just plain and simple blog candy!!!

Thanks, again, Bridgett! 

Just a small reminder;  If you or anyone you know is an artist of hand made items, and would like to be or think someone you know would like to be featured on three blogs in a week’s time, just e-mail me pics of your work, and a few paragraphs about yourself and what you do and I will send you a schedule of where and when you will be featured.  It is FREE advertising, so send me some info.

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day!



9 thoughts on “I Knew There Was A Reason I Couldn’t Sleep And Just Had To Get Up @ 2 A.M. !!!

  1. Lol Louise! You made me laugh so hard reading all this! I can just read the excitement! I’m so glad I made you happy and YOU made ME blush with all your praise! That was NOT part of the deal! lol
    I also see we both nominated the renegade seamstress! Isn’t that lady just amazing? I love to hop over there and check out what she has been up to and you never get disappointed! Always something cool going on over there! Can’t wait to check out the rest of your list! LOVE YOU! And yes! One day we will visit!!!!!

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