Can You Spare 60 Seconds?

Just a small reminder and request for everyone to take 60 seconds, one minute, of our busy days, whether you are in the shower, eating a meal, working at your job, tucking your kids safely into bed this evening, or kissing your significant other ‘good night,’ take one minute, be silent while you remember all those who don’t have any more minutes, and their families who miss them EVERY minute as well as all those who were right there in a  minute or less to do what they could, while risking their future minutes, to save someone!!!

Just one minute!!!!! I am grateful for all my minutes thanks to all those who have sacrificed!!!!!

Thanks, also, to all those who are out there continuing to protect and making sure these United States, stay FREE and united and safe from all that is lethal!!!!  Thanks to their families who are missing them, but know why, their little ones who don’t know why, but just do miss mommy or daddy.

Thanks, lastly, that I live in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, and God Bless Us All!!!!!

‘Let’s roll,’  with these one minutes, today!!!!!!





2 thoughts on “Can You Spare 60 Seconds?

  1. I tend to forget a lot about what happens from day-to-day, but 9/11 is one day that I will never forget. My wish is for everyone in the USA to treat people EVERYDAY with the love that was shown on that day and in the months to come. We were truly United! May all those souls lost rest in peace.

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