SPRING Is Upon Us! What Have You Been Doing Since The Holidays?

Well, it is Spring and my last post was a week before Christmas.  I was so scared to look at my numbers before posting this, but  much to my surprise, again, the numbers of views per day continue to soar!!! Thank you, ALL!!!!

As you all know, we were to head to the airport at 5 a.m. on 12/26/12 for a trip to Maui that we were calling our honeymoon (33+ years late).  Well, just five hours prior to leaving for the airport I landed in the Emergency Room with chest and arm pain and shortness of breath.  Now, even if I had gone to the E.R. with just a cut finger I more than likely wouldn’t have made my flight, so you can imagine coming in with these symptoms, I wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. Came home next day, rescheduled everything for first week of March, did all follow up appointments, started new meds and did everything I was supposed to do…things just were not working out and I ended up being scheduled for a cardiac procedure and had to cancel the trip completely.  Being from New England, we really don’t want to go to Hawaii in our summer time…We want to go while everyone here is shoveling and heating!!!  HAHA!!! So, although the problem has not yet been completely resolved, we know what the problem is and I am well on my way to recovery and adjusting to some changes in my life. That said, we will be planning a winter trip, because we ARE going to have this honeymoon!!!

As you can imagine, I have been overwhelmed with medical appointments, procedures and life adjustments since Christmas.  THAT does not mean I haven’t been sewing.  I just haven’t been posting because birthdays have been happening, babies have been born, Easter happened and now it Is Spring and that means lots of alterations….and I can’t wait to get outside and breathe in some fresh air, soak up some sunshine and plant and tend to my garden daily, as well as continue to sew, of course.

I have just posted on my Studio Page things I have created since Christmas….Thank you for taking a look.  As usual, if there is something that strikes your fancy or that inspires a thought for something you would like for yourself, your home, a friend’s gift, an upcoming birthday, wedding, new baby, or holiday that you want a gift for, just contact me.  I am absolutely positive we will come up with a solution for your needs and you will be happy!

I hope to be  more active here and am hoping I am over the peak of this new event and things will begin to normalize now.

Thanks, again, for your loyalties.  Keep checking in daily and I will try to make it worth your time!!!!  Even if all we do is share a little coffee time together on some days.

I hope you are all well and happy and are getting organized for all your Spring Cleaning, inside and outside, as well as planning your garden because before you know it, it will be summer and then we will be talking about canning all the harvested fruit and vegetables you are getting ready to plant soon.

Hoping you all have a very productive day.  Thanks, again, for stopping in and come back soon!!


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