SPRING Is Upon Us! What Have You Been Doing Since The Holidays?

Well, it is Spring and my last post was a week before Christmas.  I was so scared to look at my numbers before posting this, but  much to my surprise, again, the numbers of views per day continue to soar!!! Thank you, ALL!!!!

As you all know, we were to head to the airport at 5 a.m. on 12/26/12 for a trip to Maui that we were calling our honeymoon (33+ years late).  Well, just five hours prior to leaving for the airport I landed in the Emergency Room with chest and arm pain and shortness of breath.  Now, even if I had gone to the E.R. with just a cut finger I more than likely wouldn’t have made my flight, so you can imagine coming in with these symptoms, I wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. Came home next day, rescheduled everything for first week of March, did all follow up appointments, started new meds and did everything I was supposed to do…things just were not working out and I ended up being scheduled for a cardiac procedure and had to cancel the trip completely.  Being from New England, we really don’t want to go to Hawaii in our summer time…We want to go while everyone here is shoveling and heating!!!  HAHA!!! So, although the problem has not yet been completely resolved, we know what the problem is and I am well on my way to recovery and adjusting to some changes in my life. That said, we will be planning a winter trip, because we ARE going to have this honeymoon!!!

As you can imagine, I have been overwhelmed with medical appointments, procedures and life adjustments since Christmas.  THAT does not mean I haven’t been sewing.  I just haven’t been posting because birthdays have been happening, babies have been born, Easter happened and now it Is Spring and that means lots of alterations….and I can’t wait to get outside and breathe in some fresh air, soak up some sunshine and plant and tend to my garden daily, as well as continue to sew, of course.

I have just posted on my Studio Page things I have created since Christmas….Thank you for taking a look.  As usual, if there is something that strikes your fancy or that inspires a thought for something you would like for yourself, your home, a friend’s gift, an upcoming birthday, wedding, new baby, or holiday that you want a gift for, just contact me.  I am absolutely positive we will come up with a solution for your needs and you will be happy!

I hope to be  more active here and am hoping I am over the peak of this new event and things will begin to normalize now.

Thanks, again, for your loyalties.  Keep checking in daily and I will try to make it worth your time!!!!  Even if all we do is share a little coffee time together on some days.

I hope you are all well and happy and are getting organized for all your Spring Cleaning, inside and outside, as well as planning your garden because before you know it, it will be summer and then we will be talking about canning all the harvested fruit and vegetables you are getting ready to plant soon.

Hoping you all have a very productive day.  Thanks, again, for stopping in and come back soon!!


I Have Added Some New Pictures of Custom Made Items ……

Well, this is what happens when you can’t sleep….you get quiet things done.

I have added some new pictures of Custom Made Items on my Studio Page.  I hope you will scroll down and review what is in my studio and it inspires you to imagine what it is you would like to do about a memory/memorial quilt, or an upcoming baby shower or maybe you are going to be adding a new member to your own household and need something custom made.

Did you get married this year?  Are you trying to figure out how not to waste your wedding gown or just leave it sitting there taking up precious space and never being seen?  Contact me. I have some great ideas.

Are you planning an upcoming wedding, or perhaps a bridal or baby shower?  Let’s talk about it!

Thanks for checking the Studio link and I look forward to hearing from you.

Remember, from 12/26 to 1/10 I will be on vacation in Maui, enjoying my long overdue honeymoon (33+ yrs). That said, if you contact me and I don’t get right back to you, now you know why!!!!  I will return all messages as soon as I return.

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy and safe holiday season.



happy_new_year_party clock fireworks NewYearsEve maui hibiscus luau


I Am Alive and Well…And Oh, How I Have Missed You!!!!

Okay, don’t fall off your chair.  Yes, I am here.  I had to find some time to come here and let you all know I am alive and well.  More importantly, to thank you for the soaring views on my blog daily in spite of my absence! I am amazed and grateful and appreciative of your loyalty!  To all of you that have checked in every day, thank you and my sincerest apologies for being MIA!

Suffice it to say, (so I don’t bore you) that life kind of took me over! I got determined to build an inventory for the craft fairs in November and stayed very busy with that…..all the time, thinking I should put up a post, but I feared if I walked away from the pile of work I lined up for myself I wouldn’t get right back to it…While working on the inventory an in-law got pretty sick and my husband and I were kept pretty busy with him and his needs.  That has calmed down now.  The craft fairs were kind of a bust.  Lots of people, looking, touching, asking questions, but not buying much of anything.  I am just happy it wasn’t just me, although I kind of expected to learn more than I sold since it was my first year ever doing them.  Everyone was feeling the same.  Better luck next time! 🙂

Then, it was time for Thanksgiving and prepping for Christmas and every single day, I walk into my studio and see my fabric wrapped around my dress form and, still, it hasn’t even been preshrunk and I leave for Maui in 9 days!!!!  This week, I am finishing up the last minute Christmas stuff as we are having our family celebration on Saturday, visiting with some relatives and friends on Sunday and Monday evening, and packing on Tuesday to leave first thing Wednesday morning!

I have lots of pictures to add to my studio page, here, and really wanted them up by now, but….I will try to get them up here as soon as possible.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and that you all have a wonderful Christmas season!  I hope that your New Year will be happy, healthy and prosperous!!!

I promise some awesome pictures of the trip when I get back.

Again, thanks for the crazy numbers in spite of my absence and I appreciate all of you.

I am going to sign off with a virtual moment of silence for all the victims and their families in CT.

candles for the children


Are You Caught Up? Dare You Say It Out Loud? 09/12/2012

I am finally caught up!!!!!!  Shhhhh, can’t let anyone hear that..or I won’t be for long. 🙂

So, what is my plan?  Well, I cleaned out my stash!!!! I had a garbage bag full of ‘I will never use this’ stuff so I sent it off to the middle for the home economics classes!

The rest has been sorted by the sizes of the pieces and I am measuring and cutting (prepping) items that I can make and put in my studio, here, soon.












I am also planning to sell at the Christmas Craft Fair at the Church across the street and at the local high school Christmas Craft Fair !!!

In the meantime, and in my ‘spare’ time, I will work on my bedroom re-make and want to finish painting in the house.  Also, there are Christmas gifts to make and oh, yeah, I almost forgot….(NOT), a couple of outfits for me to pack for Maui!!!!

Of course, I still have alterations coming in, as well as a couple of memory quilts that are not due for quite some time, yet.

I will measure, cut, and add to the pile of  ‘ready to sew’ so when it is all cut, all I have to do is sit at the machine and not get up until it is all done….I find it very distracting to measure and cut and then go sew and then back up to measure and cut and sew again.  This way, ALL my projects will be ready to just sew. Somehow, when I walk out of the sewing room, I find so many things to do before I go back and before I know it….the day is gone!!!!

What are you doing?  Do you have a list of Christmas projects?  How’s your stash?  Is there something you can donate to a local school?  Do you feel ‘caught up?’

Have a wonderful and productive day!  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to set yourself up to follow here because there will be new things going into my studio soon!!!!!


Have You Checked Out My Studio, Lately? 7/16/2012

I have recently added new items and will be adding more over the next two weeks!!!!

Come on in and check it out, here.

Happy to discuss CUSTOM requests on anything you see in the shop or anything you can imagine, because;

If You Can Imagine It;  I Can Make It!!!!

Feel free to send any inquiries to

Thanks for checking it out!!!!

Have a wonderful and productive day!



Does It Have To Be In Our Studio or Four Walls?


Where do we create?  Most of us, when we hear this question, start imagining beautiful studios, artists’ lofts, etc.. Physically, I suppose that is true because that is where all your supplies and machines and most of your tools are.  One place no one probably thinks of is where our most important tool is. This tool is not in our studios or any of the four walls where we physically create.  It is in our heads.  Our very first step in creating something that is one-of-a-kind is imagining it. 

 If we are planning a birthday party, a bridal or baby shower, or a wedding,  we need to imagine what we want for invitations, menus, decorations, and formal wear!

Source: Platinum DesignsSource: Platinum Designs
Platinum Designs
If we are planning to have friends over to lunch or dinner we need to decide on candles for ambiance and dinnerware.
When we go shopping, do we remember our resuable shopping bags? Oh, wait, do we have any? Hmmm!  While we are shopping for gifts, we shop for jewelry for someone special; we want unique; or we want a gift for someone we don’t really know, but want to recognize, acknowledge, appreciate, so we go for something everyone needs and uses. It should show we took the time and thought to make it a little extra special, so maybe a handmade soap, and maybe a beautifully hand made soap bag to hold the soap and keep it from slipping out of her hands and allow a little sloughing at the same time… 

Sources:, plainjane4,, ramblingdesigns

And the list goes on and on. Day after day and throughout all the thought processes to keep our lives and the lives of our loved ones in order, we have mental images of what we would like to have OR what we could create and while doing so how WE could make IT unique and before we know it the conversation in our head has CREATED something while we were not even at home or in our studio.

We have a powerful tool on top of our shoulders!!! 

So, where do you create? Is it always at home or in your studio or do you, too, have a little notebook with you at all times to make a quick reminder note of something that inspired a thought process or a sketch of something you just thought of when you saw something else…..?

Add a comment with what was your most fun inspiration and what you did about it in regards to creating something!!  Share a pic of it on our Flickr Group!!!!!

Have a creative day…..


It Is Never Enough!!!!

Now, my nest is empty and there are small, physical reasons that make it best for me to work at home. I have found my niche.  I feel free to be me, do what I have a passion for, do my best thinking and planning, and very relaxed in my sewing room!  Yes, I have one room dedicated to sewing, which contains sewing and embroidery machines, fabric stash, projects in the works, spools of many different colors of thread, scissors and other cutting tools, boxes of buttons, tons of patterns, and pins, ribbon, zippers and many other notions as well as a box of projects for my granddaughter to practice her sewing skills with.

It seems, though, the old cliché, ‘it is never enough!’ holds true with me as well.  One room is not enough!!! Although I love the sewing room, it is very limiting to be in that one room all day. My solution?  Well, I cut patterns on a dining room table, I do serging in my living room, discuss custom requests on the phone and/or laptop while I am cooking, sewing, relaxing with some TV, or chatting on line….so wherever the laptop and/or phone happens to be is where I am beginning the creating process with ideas, plans, visions, and lots of discussion.


Then, I am all over the house creating the custom request, which IS my passion!!!! All you have to do is imagine it; I will create it by planning every detail with you, then finding the perfect fabric for your custom request, then to the cutting (dining room) table, to the sewing room  and living room and then it gets shipped.


In addition, there are two storage closets packed with labeled totes of fabric sorted by seasons.  There is a storage bench in my living room filled with bookkeeping, office and shipping supplies. 

I am sure it would not matter how many more rooms were in my home, I would find something to do of my creative process in each of them, as well.

I guess with all this in mind, the best way for me to describe Where I Create is;

Home–where my heart is!