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Halloween Orders are flying out of here! 08/27/2013

Today, I made two overalls for Halloween.  Two little brothers going on a cruise wanted the blue minion overalls from Despicable Me. Mom didn’t need the mask or head gear and already has the yellow shirt, etc.

They will ship out tomorrow morning!



Now, it isn’t quite September 1st yet, but if you have something in mind do not think it is too early to order.  Don’t be the one wishing you had ordered earlier….we might need to allow for shipping of the fabric, then the creating time, then shipping to you and there may be others ahead of you…


What do you, or your kids or your family want to be for Halloween?

I am going as a tired gramma with pin pricks in my fingertips.  HaHaHa!!!!!

Have a wonderful week everyone. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Oh, did you forget to look for the ‘x’ in my shop?  Check the previous post and then go look for it….It is an easy $10, after all.




Where Did The Summer Go? 09/01/2012

Wow, it has been a crazy and busy summer!!!! I spent a little insomnia time catching up on blog reading, answering emails, etc. this morning and was very inspired as most of the blogs I read were updates on what has been keeping the authors away…Well, for some it was work and others it was summer time fun.

For me, it has been both!!!

It started with a violin concert for one of my granddaughters.



Then there was a 5th grade crossing over (into middle school) ceremony for a grandson…Sorry, I forgot to bring my camera. REALLY??? Oh, sometime getting old really is maddening.

Then onto a preschool graduation, for the youngest grandchild!!!!








Then, there was kindergarten graduation, for the youngest granddaughter!!!

Then, we went on vacation at Newfound Lake lake house at end of July.  Perfect week, with great friends, great weather and so much fun and relaxation!  Just what the doctor ordered.








Then, there was another vacation in the middle of August.  This one was spent with the youngest two grandmiracles.  We did a picnic at a local lake, and some shopping and some fun stuff, and that week ended with a huge family reunion at Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine.  Later in the week, dinner out with the hubby to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary!










Finally, I wrapped up August by hosting a baby shower for my niece.

HaHaHa, while editing before posting this, I just noticed one of my granddaughters sitting/hiding on the sofa…wants no part of being in a pic…LOL!!!!

Of course, in between all this fun stuff there were orders to be completed, deadlines to meet, and life as usual!! A couple of memory quilts as well as nursery bedding can be seen on my Studio  Page.

Today is September 1.  Unbelievable!!!! This is National Sewing Month!  It is also when all the kids start school again. Allow extra time for the school bus delays on the roads, drive safely!

This morning, I have a panic-stricken bride coming over to have her dress fitted for alterations, as the seamstress she had left it with called her Thursday to let her know that she will not be able to do the alterations.  Her wedding is October 5! I am sure she will be in a better state of mind when she leaves.

For this month, I have a list of birthday and Christmas gifts to get moving on, as well as a project for my bedroom that I haven’t been able to get to,  so hopefully, this is the month for the bedroom.

In addition, I Halloween costume orders are coming in!!!!

So, now you have my update!!!! How was your summer?  What’s next for you?

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

Only 117 days till I leave on a jet plane headed to Maui for 10 luxurious days to have my long overdue (33 years) honeymoon!!! Can’t wait!


Have You Met This Artist? 4/23/2012

Here is our Featured Artist for this week! LLRoden Jewelery.

I’m a wife, mother and grandmother.  I have two grown sons and six grandchildren with another on the way.  I live in a small Midwest town in Illinois, north-east of St. Louis. All my immediate family members have several afghans and my sons have taken their camouflage afghans with them to Iraq.  It’s tradition to make afghans for new babies and I’ve made quite a few.  My crochet projects have slowed down simply because I’ve flooded the family.  However, I do have a new grand baby on the way so of course a new afghan in the works. I also use sewing and crochet in my jewelery making.

I’ve been doing handcrafts since I was a child.  My mother taught me to sew, knit, crochet and embroider as a way to keep me busy.  It worked!  I’m almost always busy.  Most of my sewing is for my family.  I frequently make shirts for my husband from funky material we find while browsing fabric stores.  He’s frequently asked where he got the shirt and when he tells them I made it they always want to know if I’ll make more.  I’ve thought about it but usually once I’ve made the shirt that’s all the material and I usually can’t find any more.  As any one that sews knows, material can be expensive and when you add in your time most people wouldn’t want to pay the cost.  With that in mind I stick to sewing for family.  I especially enjoy sewing for my grandchildren and Halloween costumes are a favorite.  My most recent really cool costume was Glenda for my Granddaughter.

My art work is a part time thing.  During the week I’m a secretary in a local accounting office.  This time of year is fairly crazy at work.  My stress release is in my basement with my tools and toys.  My husband frequently complains that I spend too much time in my cave and that it sounds like a black smith shop.  I make jewelery to sell and for gifts and of course for myself.  My jewelery is anything from bead work, metal work, glass work, lapidary and multimedia.  Lately, I’ve been working with copper plumbing pipe to make hammered cuff bracelets.  What I make depends on my mood.  Sometimes a good bout of hammering is just the thing to release daily stress. In my quieter moods I’ll do bead work.  Some of it is simple and some very detailed and time consuming.  I love the mix of colors and textures in the mix of beads, metal and stones.  I’m always trying for the “Oh Wow” thing and always trying something new.  I don’t particularly like following instructions for the jewelery making.  I see instructions as a starting point and will usually incorporate a twist in the pattern.  So many things inspire a new design.  Since I don’t like following instructions I also don’t like to do custom orders.  To me taking orders takes away the fun and brings on more stress.  I’m looking at this as something to do when I eventually retire from the public workforce.

Linda L. Roden

http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/bio/llrodenjewelry http://handmadeartists.com/shop/LLRodenJewelry http://llrodenjewelry.blogspot.com http://twitter.com/llrodenjewelry

My featured artists will go on to be featured on two more blogs this month. Next on  Karen’s blog, then the Indie Mosaic blog and was just featured on Bridgett’s blog! So you get maximum exposure! Since we all do different things you will reach different readers on each of our blogs and you really get your name out there! It’s really great. And best of all: It’s free! If you enjoyed reading this and want to be featured, or know of someone that you think should be featured, leave a comment on this post, or email me at SlaveToMyNeedles@comcast.net.


Checking Off Christmas Gifts As I Complete Them…

Oh, it has been a productive day…..with lots of around-the-house chores while sewing in between, but……

One of my grandsons, (Griffin, who is 3),

wants dress up clothes and not like his older sister’s tutus and high heels….LOL!!!! He wants a Batman Cape, a fireman’s suit, a doctor suit, a chef’s suit and maybe a cowboy too.  Well, that is an order I can fill!!!

So, today, I tackled the chef outfit and got the pants for the scrubs outfit complete. 

Back at it tomorrow, but wanted to share. On my way to bed, talk with you all tomorrow! Hope you are getting things checked off your list as well.

Thanks for visiting!!!!  🙂 Feel free to visit my Studio Page (you will find

it on the side bar).


What Will You Dress As For Halloween?

Oh, My!!!! We are one week away!!!!  Where does the time go?  The older I get the faster it seems to fly!

I am finishing costumes and costume alterations for family, friends and neighbors.  I need to figure a way to let these people know they need to plan ahead…..

They call, knock, send emails and want these extravagant, one-of-a-kind, fun, costumes that are so much fun to make but they don’t tell or ask about it until two weeks before Halloween and since I love a challenge I mostly always say I can manage to get it done in time and I do, but they don’t realize I don’t have a studio stocked like a local or on line fabric store, so sometime it means going shopping, locally, or online.  If I shop locally it is fingers crossed because all I have here is a tiny little JoAnns or a Hobby Lobby.  Now, my best bet to find whatever I need or a good substitute is Hobby Lobby but even then, the possibility of having to order online always exists.  If that happens it will be a week before I see the order and can begin the creation.  This year, we all got lucky and every last minute request was possible so I am just in the midst of finishing up and needing to do one or two more fittings and they can take them home. 

Source: Unknown..Granddaughter's request by pic only 🙂

Fortunately, none of these last minute requests have done what usually happens…..calls, emails, knocks on the door with this request…..’I know you said it would be done for Halloween, but any chance I can get it a week sooner, I was just invited to a Halloween party over the weekend….’  HELLO!!!!  🙂   I try to make those requests happen, but talk about stress.  By the time Halloween comes I don’t need a wig to dress up, my hair is already standing on end!!!! LOL!!!!  

Somehow, I have been super lucky in always managing to fulfill last minute requests, as well as the ‘can I get it sooner?’ requests.  I dread the day I may have to say ‘I can’t’ and because of this I just wish they would plan their costume for next year right now, and order it now!!!!  Well, a woman can dream, right? LOL!!!!

In spite of the rushing and trying to get the perfect trim and/or accessories, fabric, bling, blood, or goop, it is fun and I so enjoy, especially, the toddler costumes…They are the BEST!!!!!  Just love seeing the little ones all dressed up.

Another Granddaughter's request

This year, I will be dressed like the mom, grandmother, friend and neighbor seamstress….with my glasses and scissors and needle and thread in hand…Why?  Well, because I haven’t had time to think of or make anything for myself.  Have you ever heard of the cobbler whose children had holes in their shoes? LOL!!!!!

I hope whether you are going out with your little ones, or to a party for yourselves, or staying home and enjoying the doorknockers that you all have a happy and safe Halloween.  Be careful driving!!!!!!  This is one night where everything children have learned about crossing safely is hard for them to remember as that house across the street with all the things on the lawn and lights everywhere is very inviting and they just can’t wait to run over there…..

What are you dressing as for Halloween this year?  Or are you?

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!!


How Did You Spend Your Evening???

Good evening;

Well, this morning I got an email from one granddaughter while she was bus riding to school.  Could I make her a costume for halloween.  Well, of course, I can.  So that is my project for tomorrow.

On my way to sew up a storm in my studio this morning, my daughter calls and wants to know if I can make a baby blanket for a shower in two weeks.  Well, of course, I can.  So that is my project for this coming weekend.

Just before dinner, my other daughter calls and wants to know if I can make a purple princess hat for my 5 y.o. granddaughter.  Well, of course, I can….so that one got done tonite.  LOL!!!!!

I just love saying, ‘Well, of course, I can….’ and I think they love it too!!!!! 🙂

Here is the princess hat.

Enjoy your evening…….