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God Bless This Family

I know I haven’t been on much, but things are beginning to come back to normal…..

I HAD to come on today to share this with you.  I do not know these people at all, but learned of them through a FB group that I am in for the city where I grew up!

This hurts my heart!!!! So sad! If you can think of any ways to help, I am open to any suggestion.  I am sure they need more than just money.  Whatever ideas you may have, just leave a comment and I will be so grateful! Really hope we can help them.

Todd family


God Bless them and all of you for reading.

I will be back to posting as usual in the very near future, I promise!!!

I am feeling much better and things, like I said, are near-normal, again.

Please, click here to read the story.  Thank you.