Swedish Bread, Tea Ring or Braided Bread 08/29/2013


Swedish Tea Ring, Braid or Bread

By, Louise Laferriere

No, it is not Christmas yet!!!!  However, I have had this post in my draft folder and yesterday a friend asked for it, so I am posting it today and may post it again over the holidays…Hope you enjoy!

Today, I am going to share with you an old family tradition in our family at the Holiday Season and again, at Easter time.

I learned it from my grandmother who learned it from her grandmother and never has a Christmas or Easter happened without this tea ring and its plainer but gorgeous braided version being on my holiday table.

I have given these breads as gifts throughout the years to new neighbors, as house-warming gifts, as well as hostess gifts at holiday parties. They are always a hit!!!


½ C Melted butter

2/3 C sugar

1 tsp. Salt

2 ¼ C Hot milk

1 Egg, well beaten

2 tsps. Almond extract

1 Package yeast

9 C Flour


This recipe will yield 2 loaves of Swedish Bread or 2 Swedish Braided Breads or 2 Swedish Tea Rings.  I usually make 1 Braided Bread and 1 Tea Ring.

Mix butter, sugar, salt and hot milk in a large bowl and let cool to lukewarm.  Stir the yeast into ¼ C warm water and let it stand for five minutes to dissolve.

Add the dissolved yeast, egg, almond extract and 4 C flour and mix well. Add 4 more cups flour and mix well.

Turn out onto a lightly floured board, knead for a minute or two and let rest for 10 minutes, adding the remaining flour if dough is too sticky. Resume kneading until smooth and elastic. Put dough in large buttered bowl, cover and let rise in a warm place until double in bulk.

Punch down and knead for a minute or two, divide in half (each half will make one loaf, one ring or one braid).

Swedish Tea Ring;

Roll and shape one of these two halves into a long thin roll. Using a rolling pin and an un-floured board, roll it into a thin rectangle, about 7” x 16”.  If it sticks it may be easily lifted with a knife.

Spread with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, ¾ C raisins and ½ C chopped walnuts (I left out the walnuts due to a family member’s allergy).

Starting with the long side, roll like a jelly roll.

Join ends to form a ring.  Place on a buttered cookie sheet. 

Make perpendicular cuts, with scissors, about 1” apart and spread open, so that one side falls flat.

Cover and let rise again.

Brush with 1 egg yolk lightly beaten with 1 tsp. cold water.

Bake at 375 degrees for 25-30 minutes. Enjoy!


With other half of the dough, divide into 3 equal parts.

Stretch and roll each piece between your hands until you have 3 long, uniform rolls.

Make a braid with the rolls, pinching the 3 pieces firmly together when you start braiding and again when you finish.

Place braid on buttered cookie sheet, cover and let rise again.

Bake at 375 degrees for 25-30 minutes.


With the other half of the dough, shape into a loaf and place in a buttered loaf pan, cover and let rise again.  Bake at 375 degrees for 40-50 minutes.  Remove from pan and cool on rack.  For soft crust, brush crust with melted butter while hot.

Serve, Share and Enjoy!!! 

Louise-Slave To My Needles

Halloween Orders are flying out of here! 08/27/2013

Today, I made two overalls for Halloween.  Two little brothers going on a cruise wanted the blue minion overalls from Despicable Me. Mom didn’t need the mask or head gear and already has the yellow shirt, etc.

They will ship out tomorrow morning!



Now, it isn’t quite September 1st yet, but if you have something in mind do not think it is too early to order.  Don’t be the one wishing you had ordered earlier….we might need to allow for shipping of the fabric, then the creating time, then shipping to you and there may be others ahead of you…


What do you, or your kids or your family want to be for Halloween?

I am going as a tired gramma with pin pricks in my fingertips.  HaHaHa!!!!!

Have a wonderful week everyone. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

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Time For The News…..8/23/2013

Well, here we are on a beautiful Friday in New Hampshire.  The sun is out, but it is not humid.  There is a beautiful breeze and my wind chimes are singing a slow but happy tune.  The windows are open and air conditioner is off!!  

This was the sunrise on Lake Massabesic in Manchester, NH this morning!

massabesic sunrise

What a beautiful way to start a day!

This is a new day for Slave To My Needles!!!  You have been teased with what is happening today and so patient and loyal so here is the news! 

If you go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/Slave2MyNeedles you will see my New Etsy Shop has opened for business and already has one sale! 

I am very excited about this, as I had an Etsy Shop before when Etsy had alchemy and that is where I got 90% of my income and then it just ended with very little notice.  I wasn’t ever going to have another Etsy Shop and it has been a few years.  A friend of mine recently told me about all the changes and how it is more user friendly for buyers and sellers so I had a look see.

My friend wasn’t wrong!  There have been a lot of changes and honestly, there have been too many for me to be able to fairly assess if they are for the better or not, so the only way to know is to try it again.  Feels kind of like when you go to a restaurant for a couple years and it is always awesome, then you go one day and they announce they are taking all your favorites off the menu and changing chefs.  None of us like change if we are honest about it!  So, you go back and don’t like the new items and really want the old favorites.  You decide to not go back and then you go to a party one day, years later, and all you hear is how much improved this one time favorite restaurant is.  You decide to go back and see for yourself.  Like everything else that changes, there are some good changes and some changes I am not fond of and I still really miss the Alchemy.  I am keeping an open mind and am going to give it some time to see how it goes.  I started entering my items slowly.  Since it is so close to Halloween, I decided to start adding costumes first, then I made sections and added to some of those and that is how this shop will be built….a little at a time, but for sure seasonal items will be added appropriately.  


So, please, check it out and spread the word to your friends and family.  Time is running out to order Halloween costumes.  I have had one sale in my new shop and several contacts and orders via email, so let’s get this shop rolling again…

All orders that are being shipped to a USA address and that fit into a USPS Priority Flat Rate package ALWAYS ship FREE!!!

Thank you all for hanging in there during the countdown and for going to check out the new shop. Please be sure to visit often as I will be adding continuously.  In addition, you can still visit my studio here on the blog, but soon that will be changing into a mini Etsy! So, keep an eye out…changes are coming here, too.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Oh! I almost forgot….post a comment below and be the first to tell me where in my Etsy shop you found this:


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Thanks, as usual, for your patience, and your continued loyalty.  My numbers continue to climb…I appreciate all of you.

I will be back to post the name (and link to their blog if they have one) of the winner!


News Flash–Update 8/22/2013

Ahhhhh, only one more day!

Source:  unknown

Source: unknown

is the big reveal!!! Stay tuned…..I am very excited about this and have a very positive attitude about it.  I have more to do on this tomorrow, but it will be posted before midnight tomorrow night or before I go to bed tomorrow, whichever comes first. :)

Have a wonderful Friday.

Oh, you want another hint?   Hmmmm, nope, not tonight…Check tomorrow’s post, and you will know all about it!  Sign up to follow with email address so you don’t miss anything. :)



News Flash–Update 08/21/2013

Ohhhh, I am so sorry…..I missed our appointment for Monday and yesterday!!!!  I have been so busy sewing!!!!  I completely spaced it! My apologies…but I am here today which is only 


Source:  Unknown

Source: Unknown

Days Away from the big reaveal!!!!

I will be sewing today in spite of the fact that today is my 34th Wedding Anniversary to the best man in the world!!! I swear I am living in a fairy tale.  I’d marry him all over again and sooner if I could! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day and I will be back tomorrow, I promise!!!!!

Oh, you want another hint?  Okay, here it is!!!!100_4800Okay, now I will be back tomorrow. I am off to shorten some curtains and then preprare myself for my Anniversary Date with my hubby…


Newsflash—Stay Tuned

Good Sunday morning;

I know it has been a while, but you are about to see what I have been doing with a good chunk of my time, lately.  Stay tuned, there will be hints throughout the week with the unveiling on Friday!!!!!

Thanks for the continued following and your patience.

Okay, ready?  Countdown begins today….


More days:

Oh, you want a hint?  Well, only because you have been so loyal, patient and always here keeping my numbers soaring!!

Unknown Source.

Unknown Source.

Well, I will be back tomorrow.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


God Bless This Family

I know I haven’t been on much, but things are beginning to come back to normal…..

I HAD to come on today to share this with you.  I do not know these people at all, but learned of them through a FB group that I am in for the city where I grew up!

This hurts my heart!!!! So sad! If you can think of any ways to help, I am open to any suggestion.  I am sure they need more than just money.  Whatever ideas you may have, just leave a comment and I will be so grateful! Really hope we can help them.

Todd family


God Bless them and all of you for reading.

I will be back to posting as usual in the very near future, I promise!!!

I am feeling much better and things, like I said, are near-normal, again.

Please, click here to read the story.  Thank you.